To assist you in choosing the most acceptable copy trading program, look over the list of the top Copy Traders which includes features, comparisons, and other information:

In the social trading technique known as “copy trading,” users can follow the profiles of other traders and even adopt some of their trading tactics to boost their trading gains, whether they are trading for free or cash.

Users of contemporary copy trading platforms can link to broker platforms to automate copy trading, purchase and sell trading signals, and subscribe to other traders.

This video explains copy trading’s principles and offers a selection of the best platforms for the practice.

Although it is a trading site, does not offer copy trading functions. Only more than 250 cryptocurrencies can be traded there.

Only over 250 cryptocurrencies can be traded against one another on the spot exchange. You can instantly exchange them at any Visa shop or ATM worldwide for cash. The Visa card issued by is used for this.


Purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card, PayPal, a bank account, and other options.

Earn up to 14.5 percent in staking rewards by staking cryptocurrency.

Trade cryptocurrencies with margins up to ten times your initial order amount on the spot or in futures. You can also copy traders on eToro and make money by following the easy steps.

Trading PrimeXBT Copies

PrimeXBT is a copy trading platform that welcomes both experienced traders and beginners. By enabling others to duplicate their techniques, it aids professional traders in making money off of their expertise. 



diversify while lowering your risks.

It aids you in the beginning to trade.

It enables you to begin trading quickly and easily like a seasoned trader.

It gives users access to various markets and provides 100 different trading products on a single platform.

The trading platform Naga Naga automatically duplicates your trades. You can use the leader board to find out other investors’ numbers and decide who to copy to make the most significant profit on your trade.


To all Naga trading marketplaces, you will have complete access.

 using Messenger to share analysis

Enables you to change the auto-copy ratio or provide the precise investment amount.

To protect your trading earnings and reduce losses, you can establish stop loss and take profit restrictions.

It provides a user-friendly investors leaderboard.

Platforms supported include iOS and Android.

FXTM Another well-known platform for duplicate trading is FXTM. This is a global ECN broker that is also quite active, especially in markets in Asia and Africa. They provide a wide variety of options for account types.

For a minimum deposit of $100, this same trading platform also provides the FXTM Invest service.

At FXTM, you may start emulating elite traders with a $100 minimum deposit. Because of this, copy trade is relatively easy to do.

Access to all of your trading accounts in one location.

On the go, trade more than 250 financial CFD instruments.

Trade across desktop and mobile devices. 

See the most recent price updates and real-time prices. 

Gain access to several order functions

Several laws (FCA, CySEC, FSC).

250+ different financial CFD products.

There is no commission for trading.

Extensive research and instruction. 

Since OctaFX began operations in 2011, more than 10 million accounts have been created. Over 150 countries in the EU and Asia can access its services, but the US market is not one of them. Due to its user-friendly trading tools and wealth of instructional resources, OctaFX has developed a platform geared toward consumers that enable users to have an above-average trading experience. Etoro is the platform that allows the users to copy traders on eToro and do smart work.

Because of this, OctaFX is renowned as one of the most user-friendly platforms for newbies, assisting them as they enter the forex trading industry. OctaFX connects experts that share their trading signals with other users. The most fantastic copy trade app is available for Android devices, but there isn’t one for iPhones.

You can look for traders and mimic their trading approaches using the OctaFX Copy trading app or desktop version. Thanks to the website’s list of master traders, you can locate traders you want to follow. You may view the performance, risk score, number of copiers, and other information for each master trader. You can utilize the filters provided by the web dashboard to identify traders that exactly match your requirements.

For instance, you can sort traders from “newcomer” to “legend” based on their experience level. You can trade across various markets, including forex, CFDs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, with the help of this forex trade copy service, which helps you build a diverse portfolio.