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How NCERT solutions can help you top exams?

by Ramit kaur
How NCERT solutions can help you top exams

Buzz before the boards regarding the preparation is always prominent and the atmosphere is always characterized by a certain tensed aura. Even though exams always tend to incite a sense of uneasiness and tension, the board exams take this to another level. 

The syllabus seems vast and the repository of never-ending guidebooks seems to overburden the shoulders of the young students and hamper their confidence in their preparations. To counter all this, we must start from the very basic step. If we are building a house, what will be of the utmost concern in the initial phase? Maybe the roof or the terrace or perhaps the balcony or the chandeliers? Or perhaps the all-important base that forms the foundation of any strong building? I think we know the answer. Hence, for solid preparation, you need to lay down your foundation right. 

In this context, the foundation is the NCERT books and their solutions. Any preparation built on this strong foundation will withstand the storms of confusion and will tower high among the others. Also, to be able to utilize the NCERT solutions judiciously, it takes effort, which is consistent and dedicated. Without these ingredients, the taste of your success would be bland. So, buckle up and let us ride through this journey of building a strong repertoire of problem-solving skills. Keep these points in mind while preparing for your exams and work hard, you will succeed in getting very good grades in your exams. Now let us take a look at the important tips.

  1. One of the most striking features of these solutions of NCERT books is that no matter the content, they always seem to provide an elaborate yet simple explanation. The explanation is in a language that is easily understandable by the student. The explanation of the solutions is structured in a hierarchy of conceptual importance as per the problem. 

The concepts targeted by the problem are first extracted and separated in the given solution. After this, each segment is explained properly. In the case of a mathematical problem carrying 5 marks, the entire problem is first broken down and not just solved directly. Solving one part paves the way to solving the other part and so on. And finally, an accumulation of all these provides a collective result that is easily understood by the student. 

The same thing applies to literature as well. English prose and poems often have their analogies and the ability to interpret them is what separates a brilliant student from a good one. Even though in terms of constructive criticism, etc. the perspective of the author and the readers can vary, it is advisable that for academic purposes the interpretation preferred is closer to that of the author’s imagination. The solutions help you understand this as the experts have been preparing similar content for years and now have a vivid idea of all these things. Experts of the subject prepare these solutions with utmost care and in the simplest of languages. 

  1. The solutions help you compare your answers to those provided by the experts. For example, if a student is asked to prove a theorem or to prove a statement in math, there might be more than one way of doing this. 

One way might fetch you more marks than the other and these solutions help you identify the points, which you must include to fetch more marks. The evaluator must be satisfied with your answer and he will give you full marks only if you cover each possible angle of the question asked. These solutions of the NCERT books aid you in doing that. Hence, even if you think that you have found and written the correct answer; there is no harm in referring to the solutions again just to be sure. 

  1. The solutions to these NCERT questions provide a sense of surety. The confusions of the students are put to rest. Most reference books might provide contrasting questions and contrasting answers and probably from topics that might not be related to your syllabus. These solutions of NCERT books are prepared in such a way that no content is from areas not included in the CBSE syllabus.

 Hence, you do not need to worry about the authenticity of the material and its relevance in terms of the prescribed syllabus. As we know that NCERT and CBSE work in coordination with one another and all the solutions are provided in such a way that all the areas of the content are covered without any loose ends or extra unnecessary information. This is one of the primary benefits of referring to the solutions of the NCERT books of the prescribed subjects. 

  1. Another very important point that most students ignore or overlook is that CBSE tends to set questions similar to those provided in NCERT book examples and exercises. And referring to the solutions of these beforehand can provide the student with an upper hand. If he has practised those problems sincerely and referred to the solutions of the NCERT books, he is bound to fetch really good marks. So it is very crucial that you do refer to the solutions of the NCERT books and not overlook them. This trend is also observable for the contents of the optional and miscellaneous exercises. So do not forget to refer to the solutions of these exercises as well. These are additional exercises but are not out of the syllabus content.

Keeping all these points in mind, you should be able to top your exams if you prepare diligently for your exams using the NCERT books and the solutions of these NCERT books for whichever subject it may be. As mentioned before, other books might be utilized for a broader view and to supplement your preparation. 

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