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How To Open A PNG File

by Ramit kaur

PNGs have been a popular choice for digital cameras and mobile devices because they provide good image quality with clear results. But what many people may not know is that how to open a png file on Windows 10. Unless you convert them! In this article, we’ll explore why Microsoft’s new operating system doesn’t natively support the format or some solutions to get around it. So your pictures can still be viewed properly no matter which device they’re from. 

Part 1: You Need to Know Things Before Repairing Not Opening PNG Files

Here’s the deal, what prevents your PNG files from opening might be slightly different from another person’s. Naturally, with our way of getting things done, there will always have been some form of communication required for any problems within a computer programming process. But most can follow simple instructions given with little difficulty. 

Especially if they are not tech-savvy themselves on an everyday basis which one wouldn’t necessarily need to be in order to perform basic functions. You don’t need to be computer savvy in order to perform basic programming especially, one that you might take for granted on an everyday basis.

Why Can’t You Open A PNG File?

The damage may be as a result due to the following:

  • When there is a virus in your system’s storage device.
  • When you frequently resize png files.

  • Improperly remove the memory card while it’s being used, or try open corrupted software which could lead us into believing incorrectly that PNG files are corrupt 
  • When they’re not transferred correctly during the transfer process.

  • Leading me to believe this might’ve happened for the above reasons too!

It may be crazy, but maybe you forgot to assign your photos to the default program, or failed to do so. Most of the time we find ourselves in the same situation where our computer has no idea what file type or extension should open up next and so opens nothing! The solution? Make sure all of these different tasks are assigned beforehand with their particular programs like images being opened by “image” rather than Photoshop; music files opening through Media Player instead of iTunes etcetera.

Part 2:  Common ways to solve “PNG files not opening”

Solution.1: You can Use System File Checker Option in Windows

If you’ve ever seen sfc.exe pop up on your screen. It might be because the program is trying to fix any damaged system files for us before anything goes wrong! After running “SFC /scan now” in Windows 7 or 10, this little guy will scan our computer and make sure everything works as expected so there are no more headaches from missing programs or error messages thrown around everywhere.

Step 1. Login Your Windows

To start your computer and log in to windows, press “Windows” on the taskbar. This will give you access to a windows menu where you can take any action easily and perform your desired task.

Step 2. Enter Command Prompt

First, you find Run in the search box on the taskbar. This will open “Run Windows” where you will type cmd and press “OK” or Enter key from the keyboard. This will open the command prompt.

Enter Command Prompt

Step 3. Scan System

After coming to the command prompt window, type “sfc /scannow” from the computer keyboard and press the Enter key. It will then scan the entire system to find any corrupted or corrupt files. If it finds a bad file, the system will fix it.

Step 4. Restart Your System

Finally, restart your computer once and see if your PNG format image is opened. If it does not open then follow the procedure given below.

Solution 2. Convert PNG File to Another Format

If png files not opening on Windows 10, Then the best way to convert your PNGs into another format is with Microsoft paint. This is a by default software install in all types of windows. You can use this built-in app for windows 10 on any computer, whether it be an old desktop or laptop that doesn’t have anything else installed besides the operating system itself! 

Step 1. Open MS Paint and Select File

If you are looking for a way to quickly open the MS Paint application, then simply search “paint” in your computer’s taskbar and launch it. Once opened go into File > Open Image from Largest file option on Toolbar at bottom of the window which will allow us to select one image offload before opening another PNG format version with other transformation effects applied onto them!

Open MS Paint and Select File

Step 2. Save Your desire File with the New Format

Now you can Click on the file option from menu and then Save As. You can select a different format from those that are displayed or click “other formats” for more options, such as JPEGs to save in an easy-to-view folder with your images; BMP’s will create bitmap graphics perfect if you’re printing something small like business cards! 

Note: When you are converting files, it’s important to keep an original copy of the png file in case your new format does not still open. If this happens and if all else fails then try again using a duplicated version for other trials!

Part 3:  How to solve “PNG files not opening” with Repairit

Wondershare Repairit is a great tool for repairing photos that have been lost due to sudden deletion. Follow these steps if you want your pictures back! 

Step 01: The first step is to download Repairit software.

Step 02: Once the program is installed on your personal computer. Then launch it so that you can use it to repair your PNG files. Now Click on “Add File” in order for us to see your corrupted images and load them onto our system if needed. 

Step 03: Once you have selected all the files that need repairing, click on “Repair” to start this process. You will be pleased with how fast it is once everything has been repaired!

Step 04: As soon as this process is complete, all repaired images will appear on the screen. The user is now asked to review the files and select the ones they want to restore. After reviewing and confirming, you can save these files to your computer. And these files will now open easily in your Windows 10.

Step 04

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this article useful. The procedure described here will be successful for your fix corrupted png files. The article provides its users with the best and most suitable options to repair any corrupted PNG file, including a guide on how to use an Image Repair Tool called “Wondershare RepairIt”. With this program’s help, you’ll only need minimal effort for image restoration!

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