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Important Things you Should know Before renting a car in UAE 

by Ramit kaur
Important Things you Should know Before renting a car in UAE Important Things you Should know Before renting a car in UAE

When you are renting a car, you have to know about some important things related to renting a car. Although taking a car for rent is not easy, you have to check some important things about the company. From which you are taking a car for rent. If you go to the company that does not provide good facilities and offers to their customers. Then you have to face the problems during your journey till returning of the car to the company. So always go to well know and well-reputed company. Things you should know when you go to rent a car in Dubai or some other place in UAE.

    • Do your Homework: Looking for how to rent a car? Please remember to do all your homework first. Before we finalize a car on rent we do our reasonable care first. Typically we will start searching for renting a car in Dubai and compare the prices of different companies. We should use the websites of different companies for this purpose. We always click through to the booking as many times these third-party booking engines will have extremely low prices that will be raised at checkout.
  • Read Reviews Carefully: When you are going for the rental car, I will suggest you that read the reviews on that website carefully. After reading reviews you will be able to decide about the condition of the company that is providing cars on rent is according to your needs. Reviewers tend to get pissed off in a good way and many times it’s for conditions that could have easily been avoided.  While I have never seen an agency renting cars with perfect reviews of customers. I have definitely seen the difference between places that are rated 4 stars.
  • Importance of Credit Card:  While picking up the car for rent, it is important to pick up the credit card. The authorization amount will be charged it is necessary. Rental car companies used to check your credit score when you used a credit card. Charged credit cards will put a positive effect on another person another big advantage is. It makes sure that you can pay charges for the rental car. Things about which you do not know occur suddenly. A credit card will help you to manage your activity without facing any problems. In other words, you can manage your things that are not pre-planned. 
  • Age factor for renting a car in Dubai: Rental companies have their terms and conditions in UAE. Usually, if someone wants to take a car on rent should be 18 years old minimum. In some companies, the minimum age for renting a car should be 21 years old. Some of them even require 23 years of age for car rental. Everyone has to fulfill all terms and conditions of each company. 
  • Stick to One Driver: You should keep the ratio of drivers minimum instead of adding another driver during your tour. Because you have to pay an extra amount for an additional driver. If you will keep the ratio of drivers minimum it will avoid you from extra charges.
  • Don’t Use GPS: Car rental companies absolutely love it when you add a GPS onto your rental for an extra $15-$20 per day. I think you should avoid this charge by using your mobile phone for directions. You should download an offline map of whole countries to Google Maps. This gives us direction turn by turn even when we don’t have a data signal or wifi connection. You should make sure to pick up a phone cradle for the drive that way you have diversion-free driving.
  • Filling of Tank: After issuance of the car by the rental agency for you. It’s time to turn the car’s tank to be filled and start your pleasant journey after leaving your home. The first advantage of making a tank full is that it takes less time and you return your rental car at a given time and the second it maintains the engine during driving a car. You will not face extra problems by keeping in mind this tip.  
  • Own Extras: Sometimes you need more than just a car rather than one instead of using GPS you should use maps on your phone as navigation as long as it cannot destroy your data plan. If it does then you have to pay for buying data plans. If you are with your family then your child may insist on buying some costly thing during your stay at any fabulous place. If you will have extra money then you will not face any problems during your journey.  
  • Renting Car from Airport:  One of my best tips for a rental car is to avoid renting from the airport if you feel easy. At airports typically you will be charged an additional payment for the benefit of picking up your car straight after your flight. Sometimes the benefits for us are worth the charge, but sometimes it’s not. Many times the car rental offices find inside the same city provide lower rates so find out how heavy your options are if it’s worth it for you to get a car on rent after reaching the city first.
  • Inspect And Take Photos: If you run into a guardrail with your rental you’re going to be charged for damages. If someone other drives a car into a guardrail before you and you don’t notice it when you pick up the rental car you could also be charged for damages. Always, inspect every single rental car you get with great detail from inside and outside. This is the most important rental car tip. Note any damages with the company and take photos just in case. The camera and you should be both careful with rental car scratches, dents, windscreen cracks, and cigarette burns.  Never assume that a scratch or ding is not important or big enough to note. When you return your rental make sure you get a slip signing off that all was okay on the car.

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