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Opening a restaurant in Mumbai

by Ramit kaur
Opening a restaurant in Mumbai

There’s a reason to cheer for all Mumbai restaurants. As per the latest announcement by Maharashtra government, from August 15th onwards, the timings of restaurants in the city have been extended till 10 pm. In the wake of Covid-19, earlier restaurants could open only till 4pm. 

The various aspects of opening a restaurant in Mumbai

If you are planning to start a restaurant in Mumbai, first you need to be aware of the various requirements.

Requirement of the commercial property – 

i.) Ensure that the space of your kitchen is 25-30% of the total carpet area of the commercial property. 

  1. ii) In addition to the entry point in the kitchen, there should be a minimum of one more fire exit. 

iii) It is mandatory to have commercial 3phase electrical wiring. There should be water storage and connection drainage lines for wastewater, oil and slurry pipelines. 

  1. iv) Have a segregated garbage disposal system for waste management. 
  2. v) Apply for gas connection permission or CNG gas storage in case of portable cylinders. 

Procure the necessary licenses – 

  1. i) For operating a food business, it is mandatory to get a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). 
  2. ii) Get the health/ trade license from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) or health department. 

iii) Obtain the eating house license from the police commissioner. 

  1. iv) Apply for GST registration 
  2. v) If your restaurant is serving alcohol, apply for liquor license from the local Excise Commissioner.
  3. vi) For displaying signage or for any form of marketing, apply for a signage license with BMC. 

vii) The other licenses to be obtained are fire safety certificate, pollution control license etc.

Go for a robust restaurant management system – 

Apart from performing the functions of a restaurant billing software, the system offers many other utilities. Now with Inresto POS, India’s leading digital platform, manage your marketing campaigns, customer relationship management, loyalty programs, employee evaluation etc. Above all, it offers your customers a contactless dining experience which is an imperative in these pandemic times. 

Parting Words

To serve the food lovers in Mumbai city, first you need to complete the formalities. Once it is done, a restaurant management system aids you enormously in serving a whole lot of functions.

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