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Short Videos vs Long Videos: A Comparison

by Krutika Lohakare
Short Videos vs Long Videos: A Comparison

If you’re in the advertising business, then you would know that time is important. That is why the length of certain promotional material is important to determine as well. Promo content such as videos is tricky to produce which is why some marketers seek the help of a free video maker. Take a look at this site to learn more about how it works.  

There’s been an ongoing debate about the differences between short videos versus long videos. Some marketing experts believe that the shorter the video, the more effective it is. While others believe that long videos are essential for the maximum effectiveness of your video. In all honesty, both of them have their pros and cons.

If you want to know which one is better, there’s no definite answer. However, you can easily know if you should use long or short videos depending on the content you’re making. So to answer this question, first, you should determine what type of video you’re making. Here are some ways to know what length your video should be and some tools you can use.

Characteristics of Short Videos

In recent years, short videos or ‘shorts’ became one of the biggest forms of video content. This is partly because of the rise of social media and video search engines such as YouTube. It became very easy to share, upload, and make your own videos. Even before free video maker tools rose to popularity, people were already making short videos.

Short videos are usually below 10 minutes, anything longer than that is classified as a long video. Though it may seem that you have less time to give information, that’s not really the case. Shorter content is digested easily by the viewers. Furthermore, there’s a higher chance that they will finish it by the end.

The social media giant Facebook even recommends admins of pages to post videos at least 3 minutes long. If you have social media accounts for your businesses, this is a great length for promotional content. That should be more than enough time for you to promote your product while keeping the audience engaged.

Better Engagement From Viewers

For businesses with products and services to sell, short videos may get better engagement from viewers. As a marketer, you should know just how valuable engagement is to your company. Even something as simple as a like or a share is enough to push your video on top of the search results. Remember, most of these sites have an algorithm based on user interaction.

The number of followers isn’t the only measure of success in terms of social media. Your reach is also something you should take note of if you want your page to be effective. Similarly, YouTube users will find themselves trying to get a better reach to grow their audience.

This is where short videos come in handy because shorter videos are obviously easier to share with friends and family. This is how your videos slowly but surely show up in a potential customer’s timeline. There’s always the option to pay for advertisements. But if you don’t want to spend a lot then consider making easy-to-share videos with a free video maker.

When is a Video a ‘Long’ Video

Videos are typically considered long when they are at around 10 minutes onwards. As opposed to short videos where an editor has only a few minutes to work with. You have the freedom to include as many scenes as you like (as long as it fits your goal).

When video makers create short videos sometimes they get stuck in a creative block. During these moments, they can struggle to choose which elements to add or remove. On the other hand, that won’t really be a problem when you make a long video.

When To Use Long Videos

It should go without saying that longer videos will take even longer to finish. So be prepared for more editing and more photo/video shooting. But the tradeoff is that you get to add more information that can be very beneficial for your business. Moreover, there’s no need to edit out important parts of a video just to meet the 5-minute mark.

More time for your project means more content. It becomes easier to tell a story with more time. You can evoke emotions within a viewer with a relatable story. However if you’re struggling to find or shoot videos for that purpose, try and use templates.

Free video maker tools have templates that you can use to Spice up your video. Even marketing professionals use it from time to time. If your target is a long video, then templates are sure to give you the edge over your competitors.

Free Video Maker Tools

Be it a short or long video, a video maker will give you the edge you need over competitors. These tools are designed to create a professional video within minutes of use. It comes pretty handily when you are pressed for time and have a lot of projects.

Online video makers have a wide selection of clips and photos that you can use for your project. No matter what type of project you’re working on, all you have to do is search for related words. After that, all the related photos and videos should pop up on the screen. Simply select the ones that you think will fit well with your video.

Parting Words 

In summary, all you have to remember is that both of them have their uses. If you’re making promotional content, you might want to keep your videos short. Otherwise, you risk losing potential customers to other businesses with better (and shorter) ads.

If you have a lot of information you want to relay to a viewer, you might want to opt for a longer video. This also helps avoid confusion for anyone watching the final product. This also works well if you want to create brand awareness and let customers know what your company is all about.

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