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How To Submit Website Bing News PubHub

Hello friends, I have brought your friend Nirmal Rathore again for you today, an interesting post in which you will know how you can submit your website in Bing News PubHub.

I hope you will like our post, then let us tell you how to submit the website in Bing News PubHub? Let us know.

What Is Bing News PubHub

Friends, as you know this is a product of News PubHub Bing, if you get your website approved, then from here your post gets a boost.

The number of visitors who rank your post increases greatly. News Publisher was created so that any publisher can reach people instantly when they publish a news, that’s why Bing launched his News Publisher.

Friends, whenever you have ever opened Bing or you have opened Yahoo, you get to see the news section, whenever you click on news secession, you see the trending news there, which is related to the news publisher. You see that post.

Similarly, in Google, you see trending news related news by going to news secession, Bing News Publisher, or Bing News PubHub does the same thing if your post is good, then it also shows your post in its news.

Friends, if you submit your website in Bing News Publisher or Bing News PubHub then where does your post appear

Friends, let us tell you that if you submit your website to Bing News Publisher or Bing News PubHub, then your post appears on the following websites.

  • Yahoo News
  • Msn news
  • Bing News

Friends, these three are the products of Bing, so your post appears on these three platforms Yahoo news, bing news, Msn news, so that you can get an idea of ​​how much traffic will come on your post.

Friends, for the sake of information, Bing India does not have much use, but in places like America Canada China, Bing is used only, so from here you get good traffic and high CPC, which also makes your earnings very good. Therefore, I suggest you to submit your website to Bing News Publisher if your post contact Bing likes your show will be shown in Bing Yahoo news, bing news, Msn news.

How To Add Website and Post Bing news Publisher pub hub
So now let us know how to add website in Bing News Publisher Pubhub

Step 1. Open Internet Explorer Browser

Step 2. Type Bing News PubHub in Bing Search Bar

Step 3. Click First Link Bing news Pubhub

Step 4. Click on Get Started

Step 5. Create an Account Hotmail and skype id

Step 6. Use Skype and Hotmail id And Login Bing News Pubhub account

Step 7. Click on Request New Site

Step 8. Request for indexing in Bing News A tab will open where you have to give the following information

Step 9. SITE INFORMATION here give you some information about your site

  • Name – Enter your website name here
  • URL – Here you enter the URL of your website
  • Audience – You will get four options, select one only select one option



  • Publication type – Here too, you select one option that relates to your website. choose one option your website type
  • Content-type – Here too, you choose an option from which your website is related choose one option your website related
  • Business address – Enter your full address here
  • Briefly describe your site – About us ”statement. Include nonprofit or business status, please provide information

Step 10. NEWS SECTIONS Here you can provide some information related to your website like

News sections – Here you provide the URL and category of your news

RSS link to site – ex. https: // & WordPress user and Blogger user Https:// Emphasize your website this way

Sitemap link – ex. Insert sitemap of your website this way

Step 11. CONTACTS Details Here you give your personal contact details so that you can contact bing like

Business name
Contact name

After you provide contact information

Step 12. After giving the contact information, click on Agree And Submit.

Friends, here you have successfully submitted your website in Bing News PubHub.

Bing News PubHub Publisher Approval

Friends, you have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks to get Approval in Bing News, you are told by mail on the email address given.

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