Many people believe that the internet is unsuitable for learning since it is filled with vile videos and social networking sites. 

 There are, however, dozens of websites dedicated to learning new skills and using study tools to help students. Some of these software tools are also available on The Pirate Bay, so that’s a place where you can access these tools. 

These sites and applications may help students of any age prepare for forthcoming examinations with digital flashcards, time management, study games, and self-made quizzes, all for a low price or free.

Benefits Of Study Tools

  • Students develop self-directed learning skills.
  • They can help students reinforce important concepts.
  • They improve the learner’s mental and physical health.
  • Students feel more independent as they use these tools.
  • They get access to plenty of online resources and evaluate resultant feedback.
  • These tools enhance creativity, productivity, engagement, collaboration, and automation.

Best Study Tools For Students

There are hundreds of tools that claim to help students, but only some of them retain their claim, and we have outlined some of the best tools here: 

1: Grammarly

Making sure your grammar and spelling are right is an important part of studying. 

If your writing requires some help, Grammarly can ensure that your research and subsequent work are proper.  

The software is simple to use and will assist you in improving your writing by pointing out areas where you have made grammatical or syntax mistakes.

It not only specifies what has to be changed but also explains why it needs to be changed, allowing you to learn from your mistakes.

2: Write Monkey

When writing tasks, Write Monkey assists you in removing distractions and being focused. 

The application switches to full-screen mode, allowing you to ignore distractions while also blocking programs on your computer that could try to capture your attention. 

With tools like dictionaries, word metrics, encyclopedias, and spell check, as well as the ability to learn more about the subject you’re writing about, it also helps you enhance the quality of your writing.

3: Evernote 

Studying can take place on various platforms, but with Evernote, you can save all of your notes, information, and research in one location. 

This site can sync your information between computers and phones, collect web clips, share with other users, and create everything from one central platform.

 Evernote may be used for various tasks, including keeping research paper content organized, organizing presentation notes, and developing study guides based on in-class note-taking.

4: DropBox

One of our favorite study productivity tools is Dropbox. 

 It provides you with a secure location to keep all of your work, which you can access from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to study from anywhere. 

You may easily collaborate or receive comments by sharing files with others. 

 It comes with a free storage option of 2 GB, but you can upgrade your storage capacity by a certain amount.

5: StudyStack 

It’s never been easier to study using flashcards. Users can make their own flashcard sets or use those created by others on StudyStack. 

 You can pick whether you got it correct or incorrect when a card is flipped. Wrong cards are repeated until you’ve memorized them, making them an excellent memory aid.

 Once generated, the site may transform the data into various tools and activities that are ideal for studying. 

6: GoConqr

Mind maps are pretty useful for visual learners, and if students love mind maps, they must use this software. 

 When you make a map, you can see how objects are linked together. This aids both memorization and comprehension. 

 Flashcards, self-created quizzes, a note-taking platform, a study schedule, and a collaboration tool can how much you’re learning are all available on the site. 

 This adaptable tool is also available on various devices, making it ideal for learning on the road.

7: StudyBlue

StudyBlue brings together students with similar learning goals and disciplines to exchange and access flashcards, study guides, and other resources. 

Students in certain classrooms can use StudyBlue to communicate with one another and cooperate on assignments. 

A diverse content library, study guides, note storage, and a real-time self-assessing score that tracks your progress on a subject are all available on this software.  

StudyBlue may now be used on the go for its free mobile apps.

Go Study!

It’s all about assorting the right tools and getting the upper hand from your classmates to get a good grade on your next assignment.

These tools can help you study better because they are the best ones in the market.

So, install them right now and see how they work.

If you find these software tools helpful for your academics, let us know below.