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Top 8 Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

by Ramit kaur
Top 8 Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

A home is a place where our tale begins. No doubt that there is no place like home, as we build memories there, spend all the winters and summers of our life. And sometimes, our homes need updating or refreshing. So instead of spending a hefty amount of money, you can change and renovate your home in an efficient way by adopting affordable and eco-friendly home renovation solutions. It does not only upgrade your accommodation but gives your life a fresh and sparkly feeling. If you haven’t thought to do so already, think now about some environmentally savvy approaches to refurbish your home. In this blog, you will find some very useful and nature-like solutions for home renovation. 

1- Insulate 

Insulation is an excellent way to save the cost of heating and cooling, non-renewable resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is a one-time expense but keeps you warm all winters and cooler during the summer months. Insulation lets you keep your thermostat at a lower setting and see a visible difference in your energy bills. 

2- Visit Antique Shops 

Must visit antique shops and consignment shops in your home renovation. You’ll find nice and antique doorknobs, mantels, light fixtures, and much more. It is not only an economical way but also adds warmth and charm to your home. Moreover, It will give your home an old & classic look which simply cannot be made by the new material. 

3- Reface Instead of Replace

Why destroy and waste a lot of material when you can give it a whole new makeover and create something so different and valuable from it. In your home remodeling, try refacing instead of replacing. Here are some ideas to give your home a new look in an affordable way;

  1. Repaint your cabinets, windows, and doors. 
  2. Re-design the cover of cushions and sofa.
  3. Adding veneer to the cabinet boxes.
  4. Paint handles and knobs of furniture and cabinets.  

4- Energy-efficient appliances 

If you are planning to change your electronic appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, etc., prefer buying energy-efficient appliances as they will help you benefit both your energy bills and the environment. One-time investing always saves you money in the longer term! Moreover, reducing energy consumption is crucial for creating an energy-efficient home. Some of the energy-efficient appliances include;

  • Refrigerators

Switch to an energy-saving refrigerator and prefer the one with a “switch”. It will let you turn on or off the heating coils that prevent condensation. The energy switch enables you to control the anti-sweat heaters in the refrigerator and lower the energy costs by 7 -9 percent.

  • Use of water/ air coolers

Air coolers are definitely less energy-consuming than air conditioners. They don’t provide cooling like AC, but they result in lower electricity bills.

  • Whole-home dehumidifiers & air purifiers 

Dehumidifiers & air purifiers are used to remove pollutants like dust mites, pathogens, mold, and pollen from the air. It will keep the air quality high in-home and resultantly lower the energy consumption. 

5- Water-Saving Appliances 

You may have known the severe water shortage our planet faces and, more sadly, it’s increasing. To help save the earth, it’s best to invest in water-saving appliances to conserve water. Here is a list of appliances that can be changed for a big difference;

  • Dishwashers
  • Clothes washing machines
  • Toilets
  • Showerheads
  • Faucets.

Using these products doesn’t mean less satisfying cleaning or washing; you can still

flush with ease and enjoy the daily showers. Moreover, water-saving products are designed to give you more comfort and pleasure, just like Eco Shower Head. It is an ionic showerhead equipped with a laser-cut aluminum plate and three types of beads that purify water, increase the pressure up to 200% and save up to 30%. Eco Showerhead includes a 6” long hose, showerhead, and 3 mineral beads. Lastly, it costs you only 49$, which is cheap as well. It is definitely an affordable and eco-friendly home renovation.

6- Paint with low-VOC or VOC-Free Paint 

Paint is also another aspect that should be kept in mind while doing renovations at home. It is suggested to use low-VOC or VOC-free paint. Volatile organic compounds or VOC is a chemical that produces harmful molecules that negatively affect your family’s health. Use better paint that will help you breathe easier when at home.

7- Sustainable lighting and fixtures 

Sustainable lighting and fixtures

Homeowners spend more time and effort in home altering, and they choose the best available option while refurbishing their properties. You can desire the best, but it is vital to have a sustainable approach as well. In the case of building your own house, you can ditch the contemporary light bulbs and opt for efficient lighting such as; LEDs, fluorescent light bulbs, and natural lighting. Also, if you want an eco-friendly home, make sure to switch off all lights when not needed. It will reduce the carbon footprint, electric bills, and the heat that escapes.

8. Prefer pre-owned household items 

As we discussed above, purchasing and using secondhand or pre-owned items is very affordable. Products in good condition will save you a lot of time and give an antique and elegant look to your home that anyone will adore.

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