What Is Bo ID In Zerodha?

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Bo ID in Zerodha, often referenced as the Back Office ID, is a crucial element within the Zerodha platform, playing a pivotal role in managing and tracking an investor’s or trader’s financial transactions and holdings. Understanding the Bo ID is essential for users navigating the complexities of the stock market and the Zerodha ecosystem.

What Is Bo ID In Zerodha?

The Bo ID serves as a unique identifier allocated to every Zerodha user, enabling them to access and manage their trading and investment-related activities. It essentially acts as a key to unlock a treasure trove of financial information, allowing users to keep track of their portfolio, transactions, profits, losses, and much more.

Why Bo ID Matters:

  • Transaction Tracking: The Bo ID is crucial for monitoring all the transactions executed through the Zerodha platform. Whether it’s buying or selling stocks, futures, options, or any other financial instrument, the Bo ID helps in tracing these activities.
  • Portfolio Management: Users can use their Bo ID to review and manage their investment portfolio. It provides insights into the stocks or securities held, their current value, profit/loss statements, and other crucial details.
  • Account Statement Access: Accessing account statements becomes seamless with the Bo ID. Users can retrieve detailed reports of their financial activities, aiding in financial planning and analysis.

Locating Your Bo ID:

Finding your Bo ID within the Zerodha platform is relatively straightforward:

  • Login to Zerodha: Access your Zerodha account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to Back Office: Look for the ‘Back Office’ or ‘Console’ option within your Zerodha dashboard.
  • Profile Information: Typically, the Bo ID is displayed in the profile or account details section. It’s a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each user.

The Importance Of Secure Handling:

Given the sensitive nature of financial information, ensuring the security of your Bo ID is paramount. It’s advisable to avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals and to regularly update login credentials to prevent any potential security breaches.


In the realm of online trading and investing, the Bo ID in Zerodha acts as a crucial identifier, facilitating users’ access to their financial data, transactions, and portfolios. Understanding its significance and knowing how to navigate and utilize it within the Zerodha ecosystem is pivotal for investors and traders seeking to manage their investments effectively and make informed decisions.


Where Can I Find My Zerodha Bo ID?

Login to Zerodha Kite Website or Mobile App. Click on the client ID in the top right. Check your DP ID starting with 12081600. This is your CDSL Bo ID.

How Do I Get My Bo ID?

Bo ID (Beneficiary Owner Identification Number) is the same as your demat account number. To check the same, Go to profile section from top right corner of your home screen. Click on Account details.

Is Bo ID And Client Id The Same?

Benificiatiary Owner Identification Number (Bo ID) is a 16 digit Demat Account Number given by the Depository Participant, i.e., CDSL. The first 8 digits of the Bo ID is termed as DP ID (that will be the same throughout Fyers), and the last 8 digits are termed as Client ID (will be unique for every client).

What Is 16 Digit Client Id In Zerodha?

This 16 digit number is made up of two parts. The first 8 digits are the Depository Participant ID allotted to the broker and the last 8 digits are the unique number allotted for every demat account opened.

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