What Is Bo ID Zerodha?

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What Is Bo ID Zerodha?

In the fast-paced world of stock trading, executing orders with precision and efficiency is essential to capitalize on market opportunities. Zerodha, a leading stock brokerage firm in India, offers a range of advanced order types to empower traders with greater control over their trades. One such order type is the BO ID (Bracket Order ID), a powerful tool that combines stop-loss and target orders to help traders manage risk and optimize their trading strategies. In this blog, we will explore the concept of BO ID in Zerodha, how it works, its benefits, and how it simplifies trading for both beginners and experienced traders.

Understanding Bo ID (Bracket Order ID):

BO ID, also known as Bracket Order ID, is an advanced order type offered by Zerodha, one of the largest and most popular discount brokerage platforms in India. A Bracket Order is a special type of order that automatically places two exit orders—Stop-Loss (SL) and Target (TGT)—along with the initial entry order. These three orders together form a bracket around the position, hence the name “Bracket Order.”

How Bo ID Works:

When a trader places a Bracket Order, they define a target price and a stop-loss price for their trade. As soon as the entry order (buy or sell) is executed, Zerodha’s trading platform automatically places the SL and TGT orders as specified by the trader.

  1. Stop-Loss (SL) Order: The Stop-Loss order is designed to limit potential losses on the trade. If the price moves against the trader’s position and reaches the specified stop-loss price, the SL order is triggered, and the position is squared off to prevent further losses.
  2. Target (TGT) Order: The Target order is set to lock in profits. If the price moves in favor of the trader’s position and reaches the specified target price, the TGT order is triggered, and the position is squared off, securing the profits.

Benefits Of Bo ID:

  1. Risk Management: BO ID helps traders manage risk effectively. By setting stop-loss levels, traders can limit their potential losses, protecting their capital in case the market moves against their position.
  2. Profit Booking: With the Target order, traders can secure profits when the market moves in their favor. This eliminates the need for continuous monitoring and ensures that profits are locked in at the desired price level.
  3. Discipline and Automation: Bracket Orders bring discipline and automation to trading. Traders can define their entry, stop-loss, and target levels beforehand, reducing emotional decision-making during fast-moving market conditions.
  4. Flexibility: BO ID is suitable for intraday trading as well as positional trading. It caters to traders with different risk profiles and trading strategies.


BO ID (Bracket Order ID) in Zerodha is a powerful and effective tool that simplifies trading for both beginners and experienced traders. By combining stop-loss and target orders with the initial entry order, Bracket Orders enable traders to manage risk, book profits, and execute trades with discipline and precision. As traders continue to navigate the dynamic world of stock markets, BO ID remains a valuable asset in their quest for profitable and controlled trading strategies.

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Where Can I Find My Bo ID?

A BO ID is the Demat account number of customers. It is a 16-digit number that combines DP ID (Depository participant identification number) with a customer’s Demat account number. By visiting the profile section of the website, you can find your BO ID on your Demat account statements.

What Is The Bo Number In Zerodha?

BO ID stands for Beneficiary Owner IDentification Number. It is a 16 digit number that identifies a demat account. This number makes it unique for the identification of every client that is registered with a stockbroker in the stockbroking industry. You can find the BO ID in the trading platform – Zerodha Kite.

What Is The 16 Digit Demat Account Number In Zerodha?

What is BO ID in Zerodha? The BO ID is a Demat Account Number of a customer provided by CDSL(Central Depository Services Limited) during the Demat account opening. In the Demat ID, you can see 16 digits of the number combined with 8 digits of the DP ID number, and the other 8 is the Client ID number.

Is Bo ID And Client ID The Same?

Benificiatiary Owner IDentification Number (BO ID) is a 16 digit Demat Account Number given by the Depository Participant, i.e., CDSL. The first 8 digits of the BO ID is termed as DP ID (that will be the same throughout Fyers), and the last 8 digits are termed as Client ID (will be unique for every client).

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