What Is Pronator Drift?

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What Is Pronator Drift?

Pronator drift is a neurological test used to assess upper limb muscle strength and coordination. It is commonly used in clinical settings to evaluate patients with suspected neurological conditions, such as stroke, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, and others.

During the test, the patient is asked to extend their arms straight out in front of them with their palms facing up. The examiner then observes the patient’s arms for any signs of pronation, which is when the forearm rotates so that the palm faces downwards. The patient is instructed to hold this position for several seconds.

If the patient is unable to maintain the position and their arms begin to drift downwards, or if one arm pronates while the other remains supinated, this is considered a positive pronator drift sign. This can indicate weakness or spasticity in the affected limb, or a problem with the cerebellum, which is the part of the brain responsible for motor coordination and balance.

The presence of pronator drift is not diagnostic of a specific neurological condition, but it can provide important clues to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. For example, a positive pronator drift sign on one side of the body may suggest a contralateral brain lesion or damage to the corticospinal tract, which is a pathway that connects the brain to the spinal cord.

In addition to the pronator drift test, other neurological assessments may be performed to evaluate muscle tone, reflexes, sensation, and coordination. These tests can help healthcare providers to diagnose and manage neurological conditions and develop appropriate treatment plans.


In conclusion, pronator drift is a neurological test used to assess upper limb muscle strength and coordination. A positive pronator drift sign can indicate weakness or spasticity in the affected limb or a problem with the cerebellum or corticospinal tract. This test, along with other neurological assessments, can aid in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions.

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What Does A Pronator Drift Indicate?

Pronator drift occurs when one arm and palm turn inward and downward. This is an indication of muscle weakness and an abnormal function of the corticospinal tract, the upper motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement, in the hemisphere opposite to the affected limb.

What Causes Positive Pronator Drift?

A positive result indicates palsy. This sign can appear due to an upper motor neuron lesion or various other conditions (including inborn errors of metabolism) which include palsy as a symptom.

What Does Pronator Drift Absent Mean?

During the arm stabilization test, the presence of a pronator drift, a mild elbow flexion, and passive abduction of the little finger and sometimes adjacent fingers (Souques’ sign) are understood as signs of upper motor neuron dysfunction. Babinski described ‘absent pronator drift’ as a sign of hysterical paresis.

When Is Pronator Drift Positive?

The patient is asked to hold both arms fully extended at shoulder level in front of them, with the palms upwards, and hold the position and close the eyes. If they are unable to maintain the position, the result is positive.

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