13 sales techniques to sell more deals

Dealing with sales is hard. Sales are something that you do all the time. Whether it is closing a deal or pitching an idea to a client. Talking to a stranger is not as easy as many people think it is. Many sales people tell me their toughest part about the process is getting the prospect interested.

Not all sales are made the same. The sales techniques that are effective for one business, may not be effective for another. 

13 sales techniques to sell more deals

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Some people naturally keep the conversation going and are good at selling whatever product they are selling. Others find it very difficult to keep the conversation going.

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The question is, how do you do it? How do you talk to people when you can’t seem to spark the spark? Here is a list of 10 sales techniques to sell more deals.

1 Keep it short

If you are trying to sell someone something they have heard before or they think that they don’t need then the first thing you need to do is to keep it short. Short and simple. Then, as they ask you more questions, you can elaborate. Keep the conversation short and to the point.

2 Keep it positive

Your audience must feel the conversation is positive. Emotionally positive. If they don’t believe that your conversation is about themselves then its not going to be successful.

3 Give them something to take away

Anything that your prospect takes away and has for free is always a good thing. When they get home they will remember that they spoke with you and could remember you.

4 Make them curious

People love to be intrigued and curious. They want to ask questions. When they ask you a question, make it an easy question to answer.

5 Be interested

As humans, it is in our nature to make small talk. Ask yourself, why wouldn’t I like making small talk with people? Is small talk difficult for you? If so, work on it. Try to find common interests.

Selling a product can be a difficult task knowing to hard sell or soft sell is confusing as there are different types of customers and wants. Many people find that selling is hard, there are many synonyms for sell which either imply control or power. Most of the time, we are selling ourselves or our ideas. So, it is important to be able to approach your sales process in a productive way.

Having fruitful meetings is half the battle. The second biggest part is having sales techniques which help you to sell more. Let’s have a look at some sales techniques which can help you to get more sales.

6 Identify the decision maker

The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself, who is the decision maker? The decision maker is the first person you will have to talk to sell your project. Identifying this person is essential. Some people call them the sponsor or the gatekeeper.

7 Conduct research on the buyer

Who is going to act on your decision? Which person is the most appropriate for the project? If you have identified the person then you should conduct more research on them. Use Google to find out as much information about them as possible.

Find out their goals and their demands. This will help you to determine the needs and what you can provide and use call tracking metrics to find out which words worked which pitch went good. Check if there have been similar projects already. This will give you an idea on the potential of your project.

8 Identify the gap

There is no point in selling a product or service if you don’t actually know why your customers need it. You need to identify a gap or a need. People need to have a reason to buy something, it is important that they know what is in it for them.

9 Explain the value

Be very specific on the things your customer will gain from your product. This is crucial. You can talk about features, but most people will stop reading. Your potential customer is going to read the first 50 words of your article. Therefore, you need to tell them briefly and precisely about your item and how your customer will gain from it.

10 Don’t sell your project

This is the most important point. Don’t sell your project, sell a happy customer and a happy workplace. The customer doesn’t have to buy from you right now. They will need to be satisfied and informed, only then will they begin to consider signing that contract.

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11 Be more likable

It can be tough. Selling is a process. You cannot force people to buy your products. However, you can be more likable. Don’t push the buyer, let them know that your product is worth their time and money. Be pleasant, don’t be afraid to be friendly. Don’t let them forget your name. If you give them a name to remember then you will have an easier time next time.

12 Create a solution

Sell the fact that you can provide a solution to their problem. You don’t need to tell them that your product is the solution, but if you know that there is a problem, then customers will buy from you. At the end of the day, customers need to buy solutions, not products.

13 Provide with feedback

Show that you can solve other problems. Prove that you can provide the perfect product. Customer feedback is extremely important and shouldn’t be ignored. Give it to your customer and show that you understand their problem. Show that you are there to solve their problems and they make a good choice.

If you apply it, you are more likely to make a sale.

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