3 Suggestions to Help You Get Started with Bitcoin

When cryptocurrencies came into prominence for the first time in 2009, bitcoin was the only option. Several years later in 2023, we don’t just have several more crypto coins, but we also have other crypto assets that are not even strictlycryptocurrencies by definition.

The only constant in this everchanging and complicated market of crypto is the fact that Bitcoin continues to be the number one cryptocurrency and asset in the market in terms of value.If you are interested in getting started with bitcoin, you will want to go through the following suggestions.

Complete a Short Course on Bitcoin

We now have the option to complete short crypto course programs in not just bitcoin, but pretty much all things related to cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets. You will gain a gapless understanding of the crypto market and how to work it in your favor. You will also have the option to focus on courses that are dedicated exclusively to bitcoin.

If you decide to enter the market only after completing a few crash courses on bitcoin, rest assured that you will be entering it with an advantage over a giant majority of new investors. In case you have a fair bit of experience in crypto trades already, just focus on the more advanced courses that can help fill any knowledge gaps you may have.

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Sign Up at a Crypto Exchange

If you wish to buy and sell bitcoin as a crypto trader, you will need to sign up at a registered cryptocurrency exchange. It’s theseonline platforms where cryptocurrencytrades take place, quite similar to how online stock exchanges work.In fact, there are hybrid trading platforms that have options for their traders to exchange stocks and cryptocurrencies via the same platform.

Do verify the platform’s legitimacy before signing up because reliable exchanges and their availability will vary depending on where you are located. Always start with small trades because the price of bitcoin is highly variable. Once you gain a proper understanding of how things work in the crypto trade, increase your total investment in small increments. 

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Open a Bitcoin Wallet

As soon as you sign up with a crypto exchange platform with a trader’s account, you will get a crypto wallet to use by default. However, you will still want to have your own, separate crypto wallet outside of the exchange because the crypto trading platform will likely charge you a lot more in fees every time you decide to make a withdrawal from their wallet.

Instead, opena separate bitcoin wallet to minimize the fees and currency conversion charges. Do your research in the same manner as you did while finding the right crypto exchange. Look for a legitimate option with low fees. Note that you will need a separate wallet anyway if you wish to receive payments in BTC from others, which is particularly relevant if for those who have an online business.

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