4 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Business Intelligence Services

As Big data becomes mainstream in the business arena, enterprises have the golden opportunity to turn those data into actionable insights. These insights can lead to informed decision-making. However, a majority of enterprises lack the resources or tools to process data. Which is why they need to outsource business intelligence services to expert third party providers. On this note, here’s looking at the top 4 benefits of outsourcing business intelligence services. 

Reduce overhead costsoninfrastructureAs the daily business transactions continue generating data in massive amounts, it becomes imperative for enterprises to invest in heavy duty physical servers. An alternative to this costly investment is to partner with business intelligence services providers on a need basis who can seamlessly transit their client’s work environment to cloud platforms namely Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, offer an effective alternative to this by transiting the work environment of their clients to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and others. This curbs the management headaches and operational overheads and management complexities associated with getting a physical server.

Boost in sales effortsEnterprises get crucial support for their marketing and sales strategies from their business intelligence services providers.  Third-party technology experts use advanced AI-powered BI solutions to derive insights from data. These insights are a big boost for sales campaigns as these forecast campaign accuracies and thereby, widens the client pool.Enterprises design their campaigns around these insights to ensure maximum ROI out of it.

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Use only what you need A service package typically comprises a comprehensive range of solutions which are Power BI visualizations, custom Power BI dashboards, content analytics, data warehousing, master data management, data integration, and others. However, users may or may not need all of these services. Third party providers of business intelligence servicesare known to offer service packages that allow clients to pay only for what they have availed. In addition, vendors give clients the liberty to negotiate and configure the package as per their immediate needs. This results in significant cost savings and resource scalability for the client.

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Better inventory control– Business intelligence service experts provide enterprises necessary assistance in usingreporting tools. These tools feature the results derived from data analytical models that indicate the demand trends and gives the indication for enterprises to adjust their supply chain across regions.This marketing and sales data helps to negate the chance of a total stock blackout or overstocking. Expert business intelligence services providers are also known to support enterprises in stock clearance by advising on discount plans targeted to certain customer groups.


There is no doubting the fact that outsourcing business intelligence services is the way forward toderive the most from Big data. However, before jumping into the bandwagon, enterprises must carefully explore the pros and cons of all the prospective vendors.Cutting edge technology, data security, service scalability, ability to provide customization are some of the must-have qualities of a business intelligence services provider.

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