4 Uses Of MCBs You Should Know About

At any given time, how many electrical appliances do you use in your home or office space? Your answer must be ‘many’. Most of us today use a sea of appliances which are all dependent on electricity. While these appliances do make our lives easier they also make it more hazardous. How? When multiple appliances are in use your electric system experiences a heavy load. This load can then cause short circuits and even fires. Electrical mishaps and accidents are frequent, yet it’s easy to avoid them with a simple addition – a MCB. 

MCBs or Miniature Circuit Breakers have become an essential electric safety device in modern households. These are often used as direct replacements for fuses. Electrical fuses, while having been in use for years, don’t offer the same level of protection. In the case of a short circuit, the modular MCB switch will automatically switch off the electrical circuit and prevent any mishaps.

While you may know about the basic utility of a MCB circuit breaker, here we share with you the 4 uses of MCBs you should definitely know about.

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Advanced Technology – MCBs are favored over fuses for a reason. While fuses have a fast response rate in the case of an overload, MCBs are faster. Not only that, MCBs are also more sensitive and can very quickly switch off the electrical supply. Such technology is indispensable when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. The sooner the power is turned off the lower are the chances of a grave injury or mishap.

Detecting IssuesMCB circuit breakers can detect if a faulty zone exists in your electrical circuit. On finding such a zone it immediately ‘trips’ or cuts off the power source in that zone. This can help you pre-empt and repair any faults in your circuit. 

Easy to fix – Getting any electrical system fixed is often a tedious and long process. Fuses require rewiring at the hands of professionals. MCBs on the other hand can be quickly restored and the power is back on in no time.

Safety – MCBs are a marker for the better safety of your home. These can easily handle high voltage currents without posing any safety hazards. 

Now that you know the high utility value of installing MCBs, it’s important to know which MCB to invest in. Like many electrical products, the market is filled with low-quality MCBs. Purchasing these can lead to a temporary solution but cause harm in the future. Schneider Electric, a trusted name in providing energy and automation digital solutions, offers safe, reliable, and durable modular MCB switches. You can explore their wide range of MCBs that cover all your ends. The best part is that these MCBs are cost-effective, as seen in the MCB price list on Schneider Electric’s MCB offerings. These present value for money with their long-lasting functions. 

If you want to invest in a good MCB for your home or office space, then don’t think twice since Schneider Electric is here for you. Now you can also eshop for your MCB requirements on the Schneider Electric online shop. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Schneider Electric online eshop to keep your home safe. 

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