5 Online Mediums Offering Free Psychic Readings

Modern technology has made talking to a medium much more accessible and convenient. There’s no need for you to travel all the way out into someone else’s house when there are psychic readers online, willing and able at your fingertips. Talk with them about what type of reading would suit best some will provide an introduction without even demanding money in return while others charge by minutes only or dollar amounts. If this is something that interests, you but seems like too big commitment right now maybe try asking if they offer any free sessions first before deciding whether their price point fits within budget limitations. Based on Peninsula Daily News we present you 5 best online free psychic mediums

Scott Angel

Scott Angel is a spiritual counselor, advisor and psychic on the radio. He helps listeners with their questions about life after death through his weekly show called Walking Along The Spiritual Life-Path at Blog Talk Radio.

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Michael Gourley

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Chicago Psychics Michael Gourley is a psychic medium who can talk with the dead and help you find closure. He offers one free reading per month, as well as 15 minutes readings for those on his Circle of Friends list by joining all social media platforms he uses Facebook page.

Psychic Access

A free reading with any available psychic after they complete the easy registration process is one of many reasons why people are switching to using Psychics Access. You don’t have pay anything! It’s also been reviewed by fellow psychics on here as being a trustworthy network for connecting clients who want accurate predictions about their future – including love life, business success pretty much everything in your everyday life. This can be predicted accurately through this site ́s online community where everyone helps each other succeed.


In the 21st century, it is not uncommon for people to turn to psychics when they have a question or problem. Oranum offers free medium chat rooms where you can talk with someone from all over the world who has been vetted against various criteria including their ethics and accuracy in readings. You earn credits by simply registering an account on our site so that will get one credited reading without having pay anything extra. All of these psychic readers have been screened before being allowed access into this private community here at Onlineforumsforp Sandbox.


Platforms like Keen are perfect for psychics who want to build their base of customers quickly while providing quality sessions. You can find talented mediums on there, but be aware that many less experienced ones will work here too – so make sure you’re getting someone with experience before signing up.

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Use Caution Online

Remember that a legitimate medium will prefer almost no personal information from you besides your name. Check out the Medium website for tips on how to find good psychics, and consider using PayPal instead of giving them access to your credit card numbers or bank account info.

Talk to a Medium for Free

Some people are offended at the thought of someone profiting from their abilities. However, this is no different than how musicians or athletes profit off innate gifts. In fact, they’re arguably more talented and deserve to be compensated for what they do with these extraordinary skills. While it can be fun watching YouTube videos where somebody does a reading without charge or even charging money. If you want serious communication between your loved ones who have crossed over into death then hiring an experienced medium will serve everyone better- especially them.

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