5 Tips to Quickly Increase Field Workforce Productivity

Field service management mobile apps & FSM software combined together can really help improve overall services business productivity and employee morale; reduce errors and eliminate data silos; integrate API with FSM, give access on-demand workforce, etc. Here are some tips to quickly increase employee productivity for your workforce in the field using a field service management platform.

1. A Mobile App for FSM Can Boost Productivity and Employee Morale

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Businesses have embraced the digital revolution and integrated it into their systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

In the field, businesses need to manage their workforce efficiently and effectively as they are often tasked with carrying out tasks that require a lot of manpower, such as construction projects or installations of equipment or machinery. This can be challenging as it involves coordinating many people in different locations, which may take work.

A mobile app for field service management (FSM) can help solve this problem by providing an easy way to communicate with workers and coordinate their duties efficiently. It can also help create a more productive environment by improving employee morale.

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2. FSM Software Makes Field Technicians’ Days Easier

Field service management software is a cost-effective way to manage field techs. The software helps to automate many processes that used to be done manually and frees up time for other tasks. It also helps create a more consistent customer experience by providing users with the information they need to ensure they deliver quality service.

FSM software provides technicians real-time information on their jobs, including job status, location, and more. The data is presented in a user-friendly format so technicians can easily access it when needed. For example, if a technician needs to know when their next appointment is scheduled, they can simply check the schedule tab on the mobile app or desktop portal.

The ability to access this information quickly helps reduce errors and makes it easier for technicians to stay on schedule throughout the day. It also allows them to manage their time better so they can complete all their work without running into delays or missing appointments altogether.

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3. Reduce Errors and Eliminate Data Silos by Integrating APIs with FSM

FSM is a flexible and robust solution that increases workforce productivity and improves data quality. It reduces errors, eliminates data silos, and automates repetitive tasks.

With FSM, companies can:

Automate manual processes. Automate manual processes by integrating APIs with FSM. The company can automate the customer support team’s response to frequently asked questions (FAQs) or the IT team’s response to requests for support tickets. This saves time, reduces errors, and provides better customer service.

Integrate software systems. Integrate multiple internal systems using an API integration platform like FSM. This allows consolidating all software into one place so everyone can access the information they need from a single dashboard instead of going to different websites or applications for different purposes.

Connect with other systems externally. Connect external systems like CRM tools, ERPs, and billing platforms through an API integration platform like FSM to get real-time updates about changes in customers’ accounts or orders to serve them better when they need it most.

4. Field Teams Can View Customer-Owned Assets with FSM Software

Field service teams often depend on the information they receive from other business units. The customer may not always be able to provide all the details needed for a job, so it’s up to the field service team to find out more. This can be difficult and time-consuming when companies don’t have access to all the necessary information.

Field service management (FSM) software provides a single platform to capture all this data, including customer-owned assets like HVAC units, electrical panels, and plumbing fixtures. With this information, businesses can make informed decisions about what needs to be done and how much time it will take.

5. Field Nation Integration and FSM Software Give Access to On-Demand Workforces

The on-demand workforce is a booming market, and it can take time for companies to keep up with the demand.

There are many reasons why companies use the on-demand workforce. Some want to expand their workforce without hiring full-time employees, while others want to hire temporary workers for projects that last only a few months. But whatever the reason, there are some things a business can do as an employer to make sure the on-demand workforce is as productive as possible.

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Here are three tips for managing an on-demand workforce:

  • Use Field Nation integration and FSM Software to easily access a large pool of skilled workers.
  • Ensure project managers know how to use the software to manage their teams better and coordinate workflows.
  • Ensure contractors have access to all necessary equipment before they start working, so they save time waiting for tools or equipment that have yet to be delivered.

Considering Zuper’s Field Service Management Software

Zuper is an award-winning field service management software that helps companies improve the quality of their services by empowering their technicians in the field. Their FSM software suite allows managing customer requests and tasks from anywhere, offline or on the road; recording customer interactions; creating detailed reports; streamlining billing; and more!