6 Tips on how to get your child ready for the 11

Many parents are clueless about what to do in order to get their child ready for the 11+. The 11+ is a type of exam that tests children in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. There are many different approaches you can take in order to prepare your child for this type of test. Some common ones include: doing mock exams, practicing with past papers, getting help from an educational psychologist or tutor and so on. In this guide we will be looking at six strategies that have been proven effective when it comes to preparing your child for the 11+. We’ll go over what they are and how they work!

  1. Get them to read a lot of books
  2. To help get your child ready for the 11+ exam, it is important they read a lot of books and have an understanding on what this test will be about so that when it comes time to take one in person or online there’s nothing holding them back! 2) It also helps if you can find out where these centers offer free tutoring sessions before at least 10pm because some may still allow students who haven’t done well yet (their score was below level). 3 . If things don’t work out with finding any nearby locations then try looking into homeschooling instead which teachers parents how much independence their children should learn while obtaining knowledge
  3. Teach them the basics of math and English, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division 

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t know the 11+ test. These 6 tips will help them get ready!

1) Teach Mathematics and English, such as addition subtraction multiplication division . This is important so that when it comes time to take an exam they can follow along without any problems 2). Don’t try too hard; it’s more about understanding than remembering 3). Make sure you spend plenty of quality one on one time together – this helps build trust which increases motivation 4)) Keep trying even after failures- kids need those successes just as much 5 )Don

  1. Encourage your child to play sports or take music lessons – this will help boost their confidence in front of an audience

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Playing sports and taking music lessons can be a great way for your child to build self-confidence. They’ll feel more at ease in front of an audience when they know that their skills are being appreciated by others who share those passions with them

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Athletics or musical training may help boost confidence, too!

  1. Go over things like reading maps and directions with your child so they can be prepared for any test that requires these skills

To help your child be prepared for any test that requires them to use these skills, read over the directions and map with him or her so they can understand exactly what needs done first. This will also ensure you know where all of those hard-to-find landmarks are on one piece of paper!

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  1. Practice answering questions about themselves so they have a good idea what’s going on when it comes time to answer questions in an interview 

In order to answer questions about themselves in an interview, it is important that you practice answering those types of queries. This will give yourself the best chance possible at finding out how things go when faced with a live situation and also make sure there aren’t any surprises during your big day!

  1. Make sure they know how to follow instructions from teachers and parents without argument – this is important for getting along at school during the 11+ exam period

Do they know what is expected of them in school? That’s important, because it will help them have less arguments with teachers and parents during that time. Next thing you want is good listening skills! It will show when applying for college or any other post-secondary institution where these are needed most so let’s work hard at teaching those now while waiting until later down this road!

7) Keep up with homework even though you’ll have less time because exams are coming up – it shows dedication when children do their work even when they’re busy studying for tests or school projects

A parent’s guide to the 11+ exam for those with children in Year Six. The tests can be daunting and it is important not only that they are prepared, but also know what will happen if their child does poorly on them as well as how much time should really elapse between each test individually before taking one again

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