7 Tips for Using Hand Masks the Right Way

Dry hands call for special treatment, and a hand mask provides moisturization that other products do not. Because of the way that the mask is made, the product in the mask has time to sit on your hands and soak into them. Know the benefits of using a hand mask and how to use them the right way.

1. Use the Mask When You Have Time to Relax

When you are trying to take care of dry skin, you might feel rushed to get a product on your hands and let it start working. Once you put hand masks in place, though, you are not going to be able to use your hands and you are going to have to sit for a time so that they can do their job. Make applying hand masks an enjoyable – and effective – experience by figuring out when you will have time to just sit and relax for the amount of time that your specific masks are supposed to stay in place.

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2. Wash Your Hands Before Putting on the Mask

You might grab your hand masks randomly at some point in the day, put them in place, and then realize that what you were doing before you put them on wasn’t the most germ-free activity. Rather than sit with germs on your hands for the amount of time that it takes for your masks to work, give your hands a good washing before putting on the masks.

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3. Figure Out What You Will Be Doing While the Mask is On

If you aren’t someone who can just sit in silence and relax, you should prepare a video to play while the masks are doing their work or get some music going before you get the masks in place. Once you have the masks on, it will be hard for you to use your devices, and you need to be prepared ahead of time if you want to be entertained while they are on.

4. Know the Unique Benefits of Each Mask

When applying a mask for hands, know what that mask is supposed to do beyond moisturizing your skin. Some masks have anti-aging benefits and can be useful if you have started to notice that your skin is looking a little old. Some masks exfoliate the skin, and others plump it.

5. Have Someone Around Who Can Help You Get the Masks in Place

It can be a struggle for you to get your second-hand mask on after you already have one in place. You don’t want to disturb the mask that you are already wearing by using your masked hand to get your second hand set up. If possible, apply your hand masks when you have a family member or friend around who will be able to help you if you are unable to get them applied on your own.

6. Rub the Excess Product into Your Skin

Some might be tempted to rinse off their hands as soon as their timer goes off and they are done using their hand masks. Doing that will rinse off some of the product that is meant to be beneficial to the hands, though. Rather than rinsing your hands as soon as you take off your masks, slowly rub in the excess product and let it penetrate your skin.

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7. Use Hand Masks on a Semi-Regular Basis

Using a mask one time can make a difference for your skin, but you will notice more of a difference if you get in the habit of using masks on a semi-regular basis. Figure out if once a week or once a month works as timing for you. Schedule your next mask treatment by writing it down on your calendar. Between mask uses, make sure that you are moisturizing your hands with a cream or lotion and that you are getting them fully dry each time that you wash them.

Hand masks offer many benefits, but you need to take them seriously when applying them. Leave them on for the amount of time that the package instructs you to, and use the excess product on your skin after you take them off.