8 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Sending Bulk Messages

Text message marketing has gained popularity in recent years due to the availability of highly reliable platforms such as WhatsApp. The social media application has succeeded in attracting a good number of users across the world. As a result, businesses are now using it to interact with their clients and promote the brand.

WhatsApp marketing software tools have made it easier to broadcast unlimited messages of different kinds through this messaging app. However, marketers must use such tools ethically and abide by the existing laws to derive maximum benefits from the WhatsApp platform.

The following are user-friendly bulk messaging Whatsapp Bulk Sender you can use to promote your products and communicate with the target audience.

  1.     WA Web Sender

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Whatsapp Business Sender is a bulk sending and automation tool. Users are assisted in running a WA marketing campaign where they broadcast messages from their phones to multiple recipients.

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Key features

  • Uplo
  • Send bulk messages to multiple recipients
  • Attach images to message
  1.     WhatSo

The WhatsApp user-friendly marketing tool allows you to broadcast bulk messages to potential and loyal customers. In fact, WhatSo serves as a bulk WhatsApp messages Sender and SMS Marketing software.

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Key features

  • No fixed characters limit
  • The system provides numbers filter and scheduled sending
  • Offers up to 15 custom fields
  • Sends bulk customized messages
  1.     Veepar (WhatsHash)

The WhatsApp bulk messaging platform targets small businesses with a low budget. Veepar is equipped with CRM features to help you semi-automate your business workflow and boost your online business presence.

Key features

  • Users can generate feedback from customers using poll features
  • Offers real-time reports to help in making effective decisions in the future
  • Sends multimedia messages
  • Provides contact management
  1.     Lead Myntra

The WhatsApp web-based sender tool allows users to interact with their clients by sending them multimedia messages such as text, images, audio, videos, and PDF files. Still, they can provide updates about their products, announcements about their company’s events, or customer support using Lead Myntra.

Key features

  • Detailed reports to help in making data-driven decisions
  • Can filter out inactive contacts
  • Send bulk messages
  1.     WebEngage

The WhatsApp marketing and data tool simplifies users’ engagement with their clients by allowing them to send bulk messages to promote their brand, products, and services. WebEngage is highly effective for enterprises that are consumer tech.

Key features

  • Offers autoresponders
  • Tracks conversions to measure campaign’s success
  • Sends bulk personalized messages
  • Knowledge customer care team
  1.     WAAM-it

The WhatsApp marketing solution allows you to automatically send unlimited bulk messages to anyone in your contact list. WAAM-it supports up to 60 languages, thus a perfect fit for a global organization.

Key features

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Personalized messages with emojis, names, links, and more
  • Filters numbers to eliminate duplication
  • Skips unresponsive numbers
  1.     Whappend

The free WhatsApp marketing software helps businesses to build customer loyalty and brand awareness about their brand, product, and service. For instance, nonprofit organizations use Whappend to run campaigns and communicate with volunteers.

Key features

  • It supports bulk messaging
  • Filters out inactive phone numbers
  • Offers system-generated replies
  1.     Q-Sender.Pro

This is one of the fastest broadcasting software in the market as it allows users to send 1000 messages in a minute. Thus businesses can maintain two-way communication with customers, send updates, promotions messages, and new arrivals using Q-Sender.Pro.

Key features

  • Send personalized messages
  • Generates instant analysis
  • Adapts different multimedia formats


Bulk messaging saves time, money and reaches a broader target audience within seconds. Therefore businesses should try the featured WhatsApp bulk messaging and marketing tools to feel the easiness and efficiency of this interaction type.

You can download WhatsApp Marketing chrome extension and start to realize the high potential features that the chatting platform offers to businesses. Still, you can compare and leverage the features of the 8 best WhatsApp marketing software tools for bulk messaging.

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