9 Historic Sites in North Carolina Worth Visiting

Historical sites are one of the most interesting stops anyone can make while they’re traveling!  North Carolina is one of the oldest states in the country, offering a view of our nation that’s hard to replicate, with an interesting history in every zip code.

These are nine historic sites in North Carolina you should check out when you’re in town!

1- Dismal Swamp Canal

This great canal was part of what helped early Americans link northeast North Carolina and southeast Virginia, forcing cultural changes to progress faster and move society along.  This canal became an incredibly popular transport route between the two states until 1859 when it was replaced.  Created by the hands of enslaved people, this is one of the first American engineering accomplishments.

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2- Matsumoto House

Built between the 1940s to 1960s, this series of homes on the outskirts of Raleigh are like pieces of art!  Each has unique floors, walls, ceilings, and details you wouldn’t see anywhere else.  Overlooking a wooded hillside and a small stream, this is a gorgeous stop for anyone who loves architecture and history.

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3- Livingstone College Historic District

This district was vital in helping Black individuals develop education for teachers, tradespeople, and clergy within a society that wasn’t willing to train them.  Here you can walk through history and even visit where the first intercollegiate Black football game was played in 1892.

4- Blandwood Mansion

If you need a break from looking at Greensboro houses for rent and want to learn something, it’s time to check out the Blandwood Mansion!  Completed in 1846, this gorgeous mansion was one of the most influential of its type.  Occupying an entire block, it’s the property countless have modeled their own after.

5- Reynolds Building

Although it’s no longer the tallest building in North Carolina, this 22-story building was once the heart of the tobacco company that this state thrived through.  Now, this is a set of luxury hotel rooms, a restaurant, and a historic landmark.

6- George Black House and Brickyard

Once the home of George Black, a man who had been enslaved at the beginning of his life, this home shows his unique and incredible skill of making bricks by hand.  This gained him international acclaim and even allowed him to travel to Guyana.

7- St. Joseph’s AME Church

This Episcopal Church is for Haitian people of the area who want to come together and celebrate their religion.  Made in a makeshift structure known as a brush arbor, it helped people in Durham keep their faith.

8- Michael Braun Stone House

Built by a german-born immigrant, this home is famous for its gorgeous stonework and fantastic attention to detail.  Standing for almost 260 years, it’s now a historic landmark.

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9- Shell Service Station

In the 1930s, Shell had to work hard to be noticed amongst a large number of gasoline companies out there.  To do this, they made eight bright yellow shell-shaped stations throughout the Winston-Salem area.  This station isis the last one standing!

North Carolina is Steeped in History!

Whether you’re new to the area or you grew up in the Tarheel State, it’s important to learn the history!  Consider checking out one of these nine historical sites the next chance you get!