Accenture Extended Reality (XR) Services

The Accenture Extended Reality culture helps our customers to visualize, design, and bring professional XR events to a business scale. 

XR solution for business

The xr solutions for enterprise can reduce prices, increase costs and build, and improve customer experience. Accenture is the only end-to-end solution that provides industry-specific XR advice, delivery, and customized services.XR unlocks the value of a new business through an improved customer journey, optimized employee performance, and innovation and innovation.

Capture, immerse, and promote with Extended Reality

Despite spending an average of $ 130,000 per employee per year on training, research shows that students forget about 70 percent of the interior 24 hours a day and about 90 percent a month. Not surprisingly, over 90% of executives Accenture auditors agree there are training methods for employees that need to work effectively for their employees. Hiring staff now means going beyond one-way information training to integrate all peoples ideas. Often, the more diligent the study, the greater the effectiveness of the results.

 Deep learning, a high-performance form of learning, utilizes technology to create well-crafted environments where students interact with the event as close to the real world as you can.

VR social events

How can companies improve employee quality and work while people work remotely during an epidemic? To help executives connect with teams in a logical way, Accenture has created a series of five immersive VR social events to be launched in 2021, starting with a holiday immersion party. Watch the holiday party video to learn more.

Field of Viewing Podcast

The world of immersive technology is always in a state of flux, continuing with a rule book written on Tuesday. Nick Rosa of Accenture has teamed up with the Academy of International Extended Reality to explore this amazing world, with experts from around the world providing their insights and insights into where we are going. 

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Virtual merchandising – building that business case

Accenture has worked with Kellogg’s and Qualcomm to create a real-time solution that transforms brand systems and marketers into market research. Take a walk around our Raffaella Camera with Patrick Costello:

Mobile VR has an eye-catching feature that helps breeders and marketers reach more and more participants across the region, conducting research faster, more efficiently, and on a larger scale while providing more complete conclusions.

Build that business case for sale in VR

What is the exact location of the seller’s shelf for my company’s product? And what product assortment should I offer? Brokers and buyers spend a lot of time and money looking for solutions and working together to agree on a fair implementation.

The traditional approach to this type of market search has its limitations. For example, you could build an expensive storefront and invite inspection teams to buy shelves and complete the survey; or, you can create a real store on a computer screen to repeat a shopping experience, or send products for customers to try at home and ask them questions in an online survey.

Recently, as Kellogg prepared to launch a new product, Pop-Tarts Bites, the company searched the market data to see placement, ordering, and promotion in the store. Old-fashioned tests – online surveys and home user tests – revealed that consumers were looking forward to getting new products up on the shelf.

With Kellogg’s and Qualcomm, we have created a VR solution with a visually-focused look that has delivered a variety of responses, and the rewards offer hope for a new reality, vendors, and customer experimentation. 

Mobile VR has an eye-catching feature that helps breeders and marketers reach more and more participants across the region, conducting research faster, more efficiently and on a larger scale while providing more complete conclusions.

First with VR merchandising

VR Merchandising standard has an easy-to-use VR phone equipped with eye-tracking, creates in-depth data and a wide range of information conclusions, leading to the best product installation and assortment that covers every part and not just one product.

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Depending on the outcome, brakes, dealers, and purchasing companies may be able to build a single store and replace the actual product set as needed to do more to test the customer in more areas, thus offering the opportunity to increase revenue. Ready to explore your company’s VR Merchandising benefits? We recommend the following steps:

  •         Explain how VR Merchandising will fit into all marketing activities, in terms of visual effects.
  •         Define and capture the benefits of re-designing displays created in the experimental VR, including how to navigate and deploy new features required in stores.
  •         Encourage recruitment by showing how this type of response will allow them to free up their time to focus on other important tasks, rather than mockery and hands-on testing.
  •         Take the platform approach that includes capabilities like information builder, analytics, and 3D asset pump.
  •         Design a VR hardware solution that is affordable and allows easy sharing from scattered consumer groups.