Actors Hurt While Doing Their Own Stunts While Filming

Actors who do their own stunts get a great deal of respect from not only fans, but also the acting community. However, Hollywood has developed an entire specialized community whose only purpose during filming is to do anything that might result in the death of actors.

Stunts can include crazy driving scenes to falling from a massive height, or wirework where an actor is dropped from a dangerous height or inflicts lacerations if not done correctly. While stunt experts usually stand in for these types of situations, some actors choose to do their own stunts for the purpose of authenticity, because it may seem fun to them, or because they are unaware of the risks associated with the actions they are going to engage in.

There’s varying laws governing injury while on set, but for the general public, personal injury can hold some serious repercussions. Obviously, the person who is injured has to deal with pain and recovery, but the party responsible may have to compensate the other party if they are held liable. As with most serious legal situations, retaining counsel is going to be one of your first steps. If the incident took place in New York, hire a personal injury attorney nyc to give you the best chance at getting the judgement you deserve.

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These are some of the actors and actresses who took on a stunt while filming and sustained injury.

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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has had a number of injuries while shooting her films. She not only injured herself while shooting “Aeon Flux”, but she also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel with a thumb brace on her hand after the production of “The Old Guard”, thanks to a fight with a large man during a scene they were filming.

She performed a back handspring while doing a stunt in “Aeon Flux” and landed with her whole body weight on her neck after completing the move, which might have left her paraplegic. She eventually needed surgery to repair her fractured vertebrae.

Tom Hanks

While shooting the movie “Castaway”, Tom Hanks came dangerously close to passing away. He wounded his leg during shooting and had a severe staph infection as a result. He would have died if he had gone much longer without care, according to the physicians.

While the wound may not have seemed serious to actor Tom Hanks, who was anxious to continue shooting, he remained in the hospital for three days and production was halted for three weeks since Hanks couldn’t enter the water used in the movie with an open wound.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio had to do certain things he may not have liked to suit his character in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” while filming. The injuries he suffered on filming had nothing to do with this or any other sequences that seemed to be physically taxing.

While slamming his fist on a table, a shot glass that was on the table slipped beneath his hand, which may be attributed to the table being tilted. He was so immersed in character that when he broke the glass with his hand, causing a lot of blood to spray, he remained in character long after the sequence was deleted.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis had to fire a pistol loaded with very noisy blanks in a confined area during the shooting of what may have ended up being one of his most recognized parts in the film “Die Hard.” He was squatting under a table when it took place. It wasn’t a good idea, but it had some long-term repercussions for the film’s lead.

He lost 2/3 of his hearing in his left ear after shooting the blanks. He was also not wearing any earplugs. To be honest, Bruce Willis’ hearing may have been permanently damaged as a result of this scene.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is known for doing his own stunts, so the fact that he’s been injured should be no surprise. While shooting his films, Jackie Chan has suffered a broken nose at least seven times. That’s not all, he’s also had concussions, broken hips, knocked out teeth, been severely burnt, lacerated his eye, and done pretty much every other terrible thing you can think of to his body other than dying.

In reality, between 1975 and 1985, he was hurt at least 15 times, each time in a severe manner. Fortunately, after he became more renowned in Hollywood, his injuries appeared to lessen, although he never stopped doing his own stunts.

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