AI Won’t Replace Humans

The aspect of AI is something that has taken over Hollywood and Netflix by storm. There are plenty of titles that showcase how AI will take over the world. What many don’t understand is that there are three types of AI that are present in the world today. All this doom and gloom can be placed at the doorstep of Artificial Super Intelligence. While it is part of all the tales that make up Asimov’s world, the AI that we are dealing with today is Narrow Intelligence and General Intelligence. Consider the use of Siri and Google Assistant: these assistants have the use of AI. Mobile app design also uses AI, and this serves to help the App become truly efficient and effective. 

Augmented reality app design is another area that needs to be considered when it comes to the use of AI. With this whole narrative of AI being used, the truth is that AI will only complement the products and services created by humans. AI cannot replace people since what AI is today cannot achieve that level of intelligence that is expected from it. Humans make decisions based on common sense and emotions. There is a sense of pragmatism and social responsibility where humans understand human psychology better. This is something that machines can do with ease since they are just algorithms, and are part of a wider array of tools that help processes.

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All in all, iPad development is also an area that should be considered when it comes to AI. The latter has the ability to not only sift through so much data but also to make every single process when it comes to the use in Apps smoother and intuitive. So, consider AI as an excellent tool in helping your business and Apps run smoother. Humans will always be the chaperone of technology. Technology is and always will be a tool that is designed for the sake of convenience and productivity. In the case of Apps, AI is used to get hold of the right analytics, which is useful to get hold of the number of users and what the App churn is. This is important since it will help the App creator to see what areas they can improve and better.

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So, we know that AI is not just an area that belongs in the domain of science fiction: it is very much in tune with reality and is part of our present. There is a sense of certainty that Artificial Super Intelligence will become a main theme in future. But, as of now, the reality is that AI has not achieved that enviable stage yet. As much as science fiction is a big deal with movie goers, the reality is that AI is a tool for businesses to improve their efficiencies and levels of profitability. Imaginations may run wild in this day and age, but the reality is that it is an excellent tool that helps make the world a better place in every respect.

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