All About Shipping Your Car to Georgia

Moving your car from Georgia is straightforward when booked through a reliable auto transport broker. Most carriers provide both open and enclosed transport options – the latter provides additional protection for luxury or classic car transport.

Georgia offers many attractions from bustling cities such as Atlanta and Savannah to peaceful island communities – get a quote for auto transport to Georgia today to start your adventure.

Choose a Carrier

When selecting a carrier, be sure to inquire about their experience in long-distance car shipping as well as what type of insurance coverage they provide. Reviewing customer feedback on the website of each carrier is another helpful way of selecting reliable companies.

Consider whether or not your chosen transporter has the necessary equipment to pick up and deliver your vehicle safely and promptly. The Market Watch recommends that the professional auto transport service you go with should offer door-to-door service for most vehicles to save you time and hassle while guaranteeing its arrival in its original condition.

If you need to ship an inoperable car, the transporter must have a winch available on-site in order to load it onto their truck and bring it safely onto its trailer – this could increase overall costs significantly.

Once your vehicle has been shipped, it is important that you inspect it thoroughly for any new damages or missing items. Once complete, pay any outstanding balances directly to your driver and sign the Bill of Lading. If any questions arise during this process, don’t hesitate to reach out; your transporter is more than willing to assist.

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Get a Quote

Shipping your car from Georgia (or any other state) can vary significantly, depending on various factors that could include the type of transport chosen and when you wish for it to be collected. To get an accurate price when you ship a car to Georgia, compare quotes from different companies. You should then choose one with competitive pricing as well as convenient pickup and delivery services tailored specifically for your vehicle needs.

To receive a quote, it will be necessary to provide some details about your vehicle – its make, model, year and mileage are among them – along with whether or not open or enclosed car shipping would best fit your needs, whether or not it’s running properly and whether or not it’s inoperable. Enclosed transport offers more protection from weather elements and road debris; open transport costs less but doesn’t offer as much.

Once you arrive at the predetermined meeting place and time, you should inspect your car for any new damage caused during transport, check for missing accessories or belongings, sign a bill of lading agreement and have the driver leave with your car. Upon reaching Georgia customs clearance must be cleared by submitting appropriate paperwork including an invoice and declaration of transport form.

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Select a Pickup Time

When selecting a carrier, be sure to pick one with an excellent reputation and extensive experience. Also look out for reviews or testimonials that demonstrate reliability, customer service and satisfaction from past customers of that carrier.

Your choice of open or enclosed transport will have an impactful impact on the total cost of shipping your car to Georgia. While open car shipping may be less expensive, enclosed transport provides greater security – something higher-end vehicles or classic cars need.

Distance plays a key role in the cost of car shipping services to Georgia (source: If a carrier needs to collect and deliver 12 cars across Georgia at various locations simultaneously, the process could take considerably more time compared to simply dropping them off at a central terminal where open carriers load vehicles all day long.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Georgia, in the southeastern United States, offers an appealing blend of urban living and tranquil island living. Georgia boasts some of the country’s biggest cities as well as corporate headquarters of notable companies like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and The Home Depot – car shipping is important in getting from your old place of residence to Georgia quickly and cost-efficiently.

Before your vehicle can be registered in Georgia, it must undergo an inspection. To minimize any issues with registration, make sure you fully clean and photograph it prior to transport. You should also be sure to include this information on the bill of lading so your carrier can verify any preexisting damage when performing his or her inspection upon pick-up.

Once your vehicle has been inspected, any outstanding balance on the bill of lading should be paid and signed. If any questions or concerns arise during transport, feel free to reach out directly to your carrier’s driver who will address these as quickly as possible.

Before shipping your vehicle, it’s a good idea to remove all personal belongings. This will speed up inspection at pickup and delivery while also protecting your items during transit. Moreover, be sure that the alarm system has been disabled; providing its remote to your carrier can prevent accidental activation during transport.