Applications of Grey Rubber Castors 

Any touring rock and roll band carry a variety of equipment, from staging, lighting, and musical instruments to sound equipment, mixing, and control decks. Touring bands and their roadies know the benefits of using a heavy-duty flight case to carry equipment from show to show. In addition to transporting sound equipment, lighting, and musical instruments. These grey rubber castors are manufactured with shock-absorbent foam to protect their sensitive material. These heavy-duty cases are mounted on heavy-duty casters, making them easy to move on and off the platform. The casters used in these rock band flight cases should be worn tightly, as they are often exposed to heavy wear and excessive load.

Castor fitted suitcases

With disciplinary tour dates and possibly overnight concerts in different parts of the country, rock and roll bands need to ensure that their equipment can be created and destroyed in a short time. Their priority is to install a heavy-duty flight case on the caster to ensure ease of movement, flexibility, and fast turnaround. Often the site requirement is that these cases must have unmarked wheels. For many years the caster fitted in the grey rubber castors consisted of a standard nylon or rubber wheel. Recently, developments with the material have meant that the blue elastic non-marking rubber wheel case is the preferred choice for manufacturers. These casters mark the floor and steps of the arena and locations. They also have a quiet cycle, which reduces the noise of flight cases as they rotate.

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Multipurpose trolleys

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The grey rubber castor is built to stay cool, not to mark the floor. They are also designed for extreme exercise. Having swivel casters means that the casters rotate in a circle of three hundred and sixty degrees. This flexibility and rotation enhance the manoeuvring of the flight case, making Roadies’ work a little easier! Curved casters can also be lockable casters. Adding accessible foot brakes on these swivelling casters ensures that the production team can lock the case as required. Replacement grey rubber castors are available and are an economical option to replace expensive ones. Non-marking blue rubber casters with four-inch wheels are the most popular choice for replacement casters.

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Heavy duty lifting equipment

You can use grey rubber castors for touring bands in the music industry and the range of television, photography, military, medical applications, and other aviation industries. Weather-resistant cases have been developed recently, and this requires castor and case to be temperature and water-resistant. These cases are suitable for outdoor applications ranging from sports and recreation to fire and emergency services. Stainless steel casters provide properly resistant castor housing that does not rust over time. Flight cases require heavy-duty by their nature and are extremely mobile in a variety of environments. Castor has enabled these energetic things to continue!

Finding the best grey rubber castor providers

The grey rubber castors have been our primary business for the last 40 years. Our blue elastic rubber casters and wheels are used in various industries, including our tube fittings and adjustable screws. Whether you’re a hospital in need of a medical castor, such as a non-marking rubber castor, a shop fitter was looking for a plastic caster, a food producer in need of a heat-resistant caster, a theatre requesting a scene shifter, or a garden centre looking for garden equipment casters. We can meet all your needs. Our motto is “Quality in quantity” which means you can buy the right castor at the best possible price and deliver it to you in 24 hours. Our extensive stock and minimal order requirements make it even easier for you! However, if price is a factor, we can also supply cheap casters and budget casters. We sell a wide variety of casters for a variety of applications, including in the industrial and retail sectors.

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