Best Kept Secret Tips About TikTok To Go Trending In 2022 

Let me guess! Are you chilling on your couch after a hectic day at work? If so, don’t waste your time by swiping up your phones on boring social media apps. Or don’t even overthink how you can transform your leisure time with the best in the world. You have the best social media platforms to create trending TikTok videos. With several businesses, content creators, and brands finding the endless potential of TikTok. Everyone is starting to leave the traditional marketing types. Want to know why? If so, understand what TikTok’s new algorithm does for the videos? It is short why you need to make something on TikTok right now. The method to establish your TikTok videos for success is to create innovative content for higher visibility. After that, try to buy tiktok views with the highest view count from the people. 

Yet, we will walk through the practical TikTok tips on making videos that can go trending on TikTok in 2022. 

  1. Kick-Off Your Video With A Strong Hook

TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform where you can attract your audience’s attention in the first three seconds. Now, grab your audience’s attention before they swipe your videos. Then, kick off the TikTok video with a massive bang as it plays a significant factor where it performs well. It is crucial to attracting your TikTok audience before viewing it until the end. So, establish the niche of your TikTok content by making so your TikTok videos feature up to several audience bases. 

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There are several ways to attract your audience’s attention, where you need to try out unique aspects from here and there to recognize what works the right for you. 

  1. Make Your Videos Short & Engaging 

TikTok is a short-format video-sharing social media platform where audiences like to view video clips that are short to the point. Also, the TikTok algorithm focuses on the video completion rate. By referring to the viewer’s looking at your video from start to finish. So the completion rate of the TikTok video is 100%. On TikTok, the people are more interested in viewing 15-seconds videos till the end, while staying for one-minute long. Suppose the lesser time the audience spends viewing your TikTok video. Then there are higher chances these audiences will watch till the end by not swiping next. 

Meantime, if you are planning to narrate a story, break it into parts while reminding your followers to like, share, view, and follow your profile. You can even convert the complete TikTok videos into a video series by covering the topic in-depth. So, start to build your watch time, where you need to be sure to follow the TikTok video tip of creating your content with a big bang at the starting. Then, you can make your audience connect with your TikTok video till the end. Last, if the TikTok video completion rate increases, you have the chance to go trending on TikTok. 

  1. Use Trending Music Or Soundtracks

Can you think of music on TikTok using hashtags? It plays a massive role in your content’s Discoverability. Thus, it is suggestable to use a viral song appropriately. On TikTok, now the business and people feed off their trends. Also, it enhances the chance of becoming viral and supports the algorithm work in your TikTok. 

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There are three simple methods to recognize popular and trending sounds to use while editing them into your TikTok videos. First, if you like to make your TikTok video feature up to the present popular music, you need to begin paying close attention to the famous creators and artists. Next, see what works for your niche on TikTok. It can assist you in getting a trending moment for your TikTok. The following method uses a few TikTok videos on your For You page and recognizes music and sounds by transforming the user’s traction. After finding the trending music on TikTok, you need to use it to save the music at your favorites for the upcoming times. The third option is to enter TikTok video editor on the Sounds section at the top, where you can scroll down the different trending songs under the Discover. 

The next tip to go trending on TikTok is to note that you can use trending music in your videos for your voiceover. You can layer the sound with your background or even change the volume to zero. Always remember that the song you use works like the hashtags.


In brief, it might take some time, a week, or even a month before you finally sort down your content format on TikTok and find out what works for your niche. Don’t give up if your TikTok videos don’t go trending overnight! On TikTok, the platform’s algorithm is limitless, trust me! It is vital to understand your audience, so keep updated on viral songs and videos to create your TikTok content that drives engagement to gain more attention for your TikTok account. 

With too many users on TikTok right now, creators and brands will always search for many methods to go trending. So, try to use TikViral for your profile that can drive success by engagement factors. Then, start practicing these best tricks where you can progress. 

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