Car Ac Service

Here are the crucial bits you should know about your car’s air-conditioning system before you get your car ac repair or car ac service done

Car Ac Service

Car ac repair can be expensive, so don’t procrastinate in scheduling an inspection. 

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You want to be sure that you use the services of a professional car ac service technician at your auto shop. 

Because of computerized parts in today’s vehicles, car AC service is more complicated than in the days of “do-it-yourself” car maintenance.

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If your car AC isn’t getting cold, it may simply need fresh coolant added to the radiator. However, there are other causes that will cause your car AC to not work properly:

– The car AC’s compressor isn’t able to create a high enough pressure in the system for the refrigerant to cool properly.

– A clog or block in the system allows the high-pressure refrigerant to slowly decompress through the clog.

– There is too low of pressure in the system before the compressor. Without enough pressure, the compressor will work too hard to raise the pressure in the system and won’t be as efficient.

– The AC unit is exposed to the extreme heat of the engine, road debris, dirt, vibrations, quick stops, and even run-ins with curbs. This stress may create small cracks that allow the refrigerant to escape.

– The cooling fans could be burned out, poorly mounted, a chipped blade, a blown fuse or a burnt-out relay.

– There could be an electrical problem such as a faulty signal coming from the ventilation system caused by a broken wire, bad module, or bad sensors.

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Whether your air conditioning is struggling to generate enough energy to fully function, projecting hot air out into the body of the vehicle or a funky strange smell released when the system is on and running, your air con is trying to tell you that it needs a service. A car air conditioning service can actually help save you more money in expensive repairs and helps with fuel efficiency.

Because your car’s AC has been getting used a lot lately and will continue to be used often, it is important that you take care of your car’s air conditioner with quality car AC service. You want to travel in comfort and arrive at your destination looking cool!

So what would make your car AC stop working properly because of which one requires car ac repair service?

The coolant has lost its effectiveness.

The AC’s compressor can’t create a high enough pressure to properly cool the refrigerant.

The cooling fans could be burned out, poorly mounted, chipped fan blade, blown fuse, or burnt-out relay.

An electrical sensor could be sending a faulty signal to the car’s computer.

It is highly recommended by the auto technicians that you should perform the AC cleaning on a regular periodic schedule. For the car that’s used on daily basis, one can even extend and prolong the intervals by following these tips:

Get the AC’s condenser sprayed with high-pressure water once every couple of months to help it run more efficiently. Yes, absolutely, you can spray water in your AC make it clean. When you bring your car to the car wash, ask them to spray high-pressure water to the condenser to wipe out all the dirt collected as the condenser is always at the front of the car.

Change the cabin filter at least once a year and clean it out at least every six months. To save time and money, you can completely do it yourself. Take out the cabin filter for cleaning to prevent the dust, dirt, debris from contaminating the evaporator.

Performing these two things on a regular basis will help the car’s air-con professionally cleaned. However, that’s not enough. Even if you clean the cabin filter frequently, mold and mildew can still be inevitably developed owing to the condensation in the enclosed environment under the dashboard. Therefore, it’s also necessary to pull down and clean out the evaporator sometimes.

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