Common Types of Dog Attack Injuries in Toledo

Terrible to say, but there are many different types of injuries that can result from dog attacks. The most common type of injury is a bite wound. It’s easy to underestimate the severity of this kind of injury, but it often includes puncture wounds, cuts, and even bone fractures. Infection is also a concern because these wounds are not typically cleaned out properly. That makes it essential to consult a doctor after a dog attack, even if injuries are minor. Sometimes treatment for dog bite injuries can become expensive as well. Therefore, you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Toledo and discuss the scope of compensation if you have been injured by a dog.

  • Lacerations

Lacerations are often the result of an animal attack. This is especially true if the injury was inflicted by a dog. Recent studies indicate that these injuries can be particularly dangerous because dogs’ mouths contain bacteria which can cause infections, according to the American Medical Association. Dog-bite wounds should always be treated immediately and aggressively with antibiotics, even if the wound appears minor at first glance.

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  • Torn muscles and tendons

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Dog attacks are a common occurrence, and when they happen to a person, the injuries tend to be severe. Torn muscles and tendons can make it difficult for an injured person to move or even walk after the attack. The pain from these injuries is often intense, and in extreme cases, surgery may be required. If you have been attacked by a dog, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  •  Nerve damage

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Nerve damage is a serious and scary complication that can occur after a dog attack. Dogs aren’t the only animal to cause nerve damage, but they are the most common culprits because of their size and weight. Often people will suffer from weakness, numbness, or other neuropathy-related disorders after an attack. Such injuries can come in various forms, including “closed head injuries,” which often refer to a brain injury that does not break open the skull.

  • Disfigurement

It is said that the average person’s lifespan is about 75 years, but for others, their life can be shortened by an injury done to them during their youth. A number of cases of disfigurement due to dog attacks occur every year in the United States alone. Dog bites are no joke, and many people may not know the extent of damage they could do because it isn’t usually visible.

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