Corporate Website Blogging and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior

Blogging happens to be the most common form of marketing on the internet right now. Social media posts and email marketing are just a few of the options available for people to use. However, they always come back to blogging as an advertising tool and to build a loyal community. 

The simple reason why companies keep coming back to blogging is that it is effective. Not only can blogging help drive traffic to your website, but it can also help you find the right audience. In fact, here is a deep dive into how corporate blogging affects consumer behavior. 

Increases Traffic to Your Website 

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One of the best things about website blogging is that it brings traffic to your website at an unprecedented rate. Not only does it bring in more viewers overall, but it can also help you establish a loyal community. 

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First, think of all the ways that people can find your website online. One, they already know about your website. These visitors are the ones that you can rely on to help improve your overall ranking. 

Second, you could buy an email list and spam people until someone eventually comes. Not only is this process illegal, but it is also very inefficient. Of the thousands of random people that you will send your emails to, maybe two or three of them will return. And seeing how expensive these lists can be, you could spend your budget somewhere better. 

Finally, you can use paid ads to bring people to your website, which can also be ineffective. If you are unable to pay for these ads, the traffic will slow down considerably. So for all of the money that you spent on this, it does not make much of a difference. 

Organically Growing Traffic

Blogging requires you to create content regularly and requires you to update your previous pages. And when you write content that aligns with Google’s SEO requirements, it will show up on the SERP. The first search engine results page (SERP) is where you want to be, as people can easily find you. The higher you are on the page, the more likely someone is to come to your website. 

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This organic method of increasing traffic is the most effective way to increase your presence. It is also worth mentioning that the more pages you have on your website, the more traffic will flow into your website. Therefore, you are increasing the odds that people will come to your website when searching for something. 

Spreads the Word 

While literal word of mouth marketing has died down in recent years, electronic word of mouth is still very effective. People talk about the things that they like or things that they find useful. Customers will share their findings with their friends, in groups online, and even through various review sites. 

According to a local survey by Brightlocal, 91% of consumers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations. What is more impressive is that 93% of people have also said that these reviews influenced decision-making. 

And when the word starts to spread about your content, more and more people will be coming to take a look. If the blog contains accurate and helpful information, newcomers will also spread the word to someone else. This domino effect, although slow, can be very helpful in bringing in more traffic over the long run. 

Converts Traffic into Leads

Traffic is good for your website, as it increases the chances of people performing specific actions. Each blog that you post is an opportunity to bring in these leads. Adding a call to action at the end of your post can increase the chances of people performing the desired action. At the other end of these CTAs (call to action) can be a trial, a product page, contact information, or even another blog. 

The important thing is that you are converting the traffic that is coming to your website into customers. But you should also temper your expectations when thinking about converting your leads. No company can convert all of the traffic that they get. However, you can benchmark what percentage of the traffic you are looking to convert. As long as you are meeting those benchmarks, the blog is living up to its purpose. 

Builds Trust and Loyal Communities

One of the benefits that come with starting a blog is that it can build trust. When searching for something, customers always want accurate information. Eventually, they will start seeing your name more often on the SERP, courtesy of the different blog posts that you are writing. 

As they continue to see your website offer relevant and accurate information, they will return to the website every time to look for what you have to say. Moreover, if you have forums or groups, they will join those and start helping others.

It is a simple process that can show some incredible results in the long run. People will continue to visit your website at regular intervals, which can increase traffic and leads. Remember, people are willing to support the companies that they like. So try to build a community with people who have grown a close bond with your brand. 

Creates an Excellent Marketing Strategy

Finally, blogging can also be very helpful in creating a positive image for a brand. You will often see a Public relations agency rely on blogs to create content that better reflects the brand’s new image. So if you have yet to invest in proper blogging, then you are missing out on incredible benefits to your company. 

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