Design a wireless tattoo gun by your own

The technology goes upward rapidly, and scientists launch wireless tattoo-making machines that help tattoo designers do their work more efficiently. You need to charge it at once and quickly design your tattoo without worrying about cables, wires, and battery. You can easily purchase it from the market and start working professionally. 

Wait! What about those who don’t have enough money, and mainly prisoners who don’t allow to take their tattooing gun along themselves. In this article, I will tell you about jailhouse tattoo guns and the easiest way to make them for prisoners. Let’s get a start;

What is a wireless tattoo machine?

Wireless tattoo machines are used almost everywhere. It is a technology that helps tattoo designers to design their tattoos without facing any mess. There is no wire along with it; you need to charge its cells and start working, while the widely tattoo-making machines have wires that can be tangled and break while working. 

Do prisons allow to take wireless tattoo guns along themselves?

Prisons are not allowed to take any random stuff with them in jail, but the question is how prisons make tattoos on each other bodies while sitting in jail. Remember that taking tattoo making machine is a crime, not designing a tattoo. Prisoners make a tattoo-making machine by themselves by using the available material. 

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Steps to make a wireless tattoo gun

By following these few steps accurately, you can easily make a wireless tattoo machine for yourself in prison;

  • Ink 

The color ink must be needed to design a tattoo. It seems that prisoners have a black tattoo on their bodies as black is the only color quickly found. Also, you can make it by adding some dark shades. 

If you don’t have ink that, you can make it by following this;

  • Take some toilet paper and dip it in oil or grease. 
  • Set it on fire for some time and then place it in any metal area like the prisoner’s bed. 
  • The tip of the fire will start giving black ink on the foot of the metallic area. 
  • Collect and mix it properly, and you’ll get pure black color ink for making your tattoo in prison. 

You can also add some water to it if needed. This ink is also known as soot in tattoo art language.

  • Needles 

Designing needles in prison is not stiff. It would help if you had some sharp thing to use the tip of bolt points. Also, you can take any metal string if it is intense. 

  • Motor 

Tattoo guns also need a motor to start their work that, is a bit hard if you’re in prison. Some prisoners allow taking their radio and recorders along with them. The engine of the radio is a perfect fit for your tattoo gun. Also, you can use any small motor like typewriters and a small fan that is easily found in prisons. 

  • Spindle 

Most of the motors already have a spindle, but if they don’t, then no need to worry because you can easily make it by soldering any paper clip at the center and rotating it around the region of the motor. 

  • Final fixing

Now, all the parts we need to make a wireless prisoner tattoo machine are here, and it’s time to fix it. Follow these final steps and your tattoo making a gun is ready;

  • Take the body of the pen.
  • Remove everything else, ball tip. 
  • Make a hole according to the size of your needle.
  • Cut the barrel using a scissor by keeping the length longer than a needle. 
  • Fix the motor with mount by using rubber bands. 
  • Thread the needle into the barrel hole and wrap it around the spindle. 
  • The motor will start working. 

The bottom line

So that’s all about today’s research. I hope you learned the easiest way of making wireless tattoo-making guns. It is not only for prisoners, but it can also be effective for all of us who cannot afford the branded ones. So, why are you standing here? Go and make a wireless jailhouse tattoo gun and enjoy designing your tattoos. 

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