Find an Effective Name for Your Website: 7 Strategies To Try Today

No business plan is complete without an online marketing strategy. Many small business owners start by creating free social media accounts. An interactive website that drives customers to your website is critical to building a successful business. Build a successful marketing plan based on a dynamic domain name. Here are some ways to develop and register an effective domain name.

Make a Plan

Don’t fall into the trap of going to your domain registration firm with your company name and extension and expecting to get your first pick. Visit your marketing plan to see what message you want to send to your customers. Action words encourage customers to respond. They also help establish a unique domain name. Common ways to use action words include:

  • Go to
  • Visit
  • Eat
  • Shop

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Ask for Help

Finding an available domain name can be tedious. A domain name generator, like, helps you with this process. You enter a few words in their generator that describe your business, and the system finds available website domains and social media handles that you can register.

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Keep It Simple

It is easy to be too creative with your website name. This creativity can lead to frustrated customers, unable to find your business because they cannot spell the company name. Your competition may also try to direct customers to their website by creating a domain similar to yours. Proactively register misspellings of your domain name and redirect those to your site.

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Look Around

You can unintentionally send your customers to an inappropriate website. Create an informal focus group of family, friends, and guests. Tell them your website name and ask them to write down what they hear. Try to use the address naturally, as you would in conversation. You can be confident that customers can find your site.

Use Your Surname

Your industry may dictate your company name. Be sure to develop your marketing strategy around attracting customers to your website. allows you to enter your surname and keywords to generate a list of available domains. If your name looks hard to pronounce, connect it to a common word that rhymes. An effective online plan keeps your business name active in organic searches, even if a customer spells it wrong.

Focus on Your Brand

Your brand should drive every aspect of your marketing strategy, including your domain name and social media handle. Your brand names should direct customers to your company name. A flexible company name allows you to generate new brand names as your company grows. Some business owners establish a “Doing Business As” distinction for their company name. Register domains for both the legal business name, as well as the DBA.

Strike Fast

Once you identify your domain name, get it to your domain registration agency immediately. Domains and social media handles are registered daily. If the website name is already registered, you can start procedures to obtain it.

With your domain registered and marketing plan in place, it is time to tell the world about your company.

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