Guide To Approach Remote Onboarding

The phase of working remotely has a new dimension and productivity for most of the businesses. According to BBC, remote working doubles the work processes and improves the business standpoints within a period. As most of the companies have moved to remote working culture, the onboarding process also shifted to remote processes. Remote onboarding plays a crucial role in hiring new employees for the organization. Most of the companies are adapting the processes of remote employee onboarding to adapt to remote options.

The remote employee onboarding is essential as it requires more processes as the employee will not have any integration with the organization organically. In this guide, you will learn about the perks, the possibilities, and the effective ways to be incorporated to enhance Remote onboarding.

Remote Employee Onboarding & Its Perks

Remote Employee onboarding is a set of activities to remotely include an individual in the organization to acknowledge the team and company’s vision, products, services, and attitude. This onboarding process can be formal, informal, or both to ramp up the onboarding process. The remote onboarding process can take up to two to three weeks for an individual based on availability. 

Why most businesses are adapting to the remote options? The perks of approaching remote employee onboarding are more convenient and seamless. Such as;

  • Increase in Efficiency:

Undoubtedly, remote onboarding is the most efficient hiring process as it requires most of the documentation are in digital format, which can be completed within a fraction of hours. 

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  • Faster Processing:

As most of the documentation is done digitally, making the hiring process faster and simpler. Thus the remote employee onboarding processes are faster compared to normal onboarding processes.

  • Better Communication:

The age of social media provides a simpler way of communication. Similarly, the new employee can better understand and communicate over virtual interactions with the team.

  • Virtual Training:

With better communication, the new employees can interact if they are struggling and get acquainted with help from the respective seniors. A remote workplace provides more flexibility to training and development processes for the new employees. 

Why Approach Remote Employee Onboarding?

According to HBR, remote onboarding has increased employee engagement as well as it is more productive for the business. Remote employee onboarding significantly impacts majorly  three aspects;

  • Employee Engagement: This is a crucial metric that motivates the employees with the company’s goal and passion. There can be significant growth from a highly engaged employee.
  • Performance of the Employee: According to BambooHR, an employee’s performance is boosted to 38% based on a good onboarding process. Employee performance is measured by quality, speed, and effectiveness.
  • Retention of the Employee: Based on a good onboarding process, newly hired employees are more likely to stay for longer periods and contribute to the company’s growth.

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Phases of Remote Employee Hiring

As you are well aware of the perks of Hiring Remote Workers, you can look forward to the phases of remote employee onboarding that are essential;

  • Pre-Onboarding: Once the new employee is hired, they will require a seamless process for signing documents and start working on the first day. The newly hired employee needs access to Mail ID, Company modules, training videos, and many more. Additionally, sending the new employee with hardware and devices to work without apprehension is important. Smooth preboarding of an individual simplifies the onboarding process initially.
  • Documentations: Paperwork is crucial for both the new employee and the company. There are a total of four kinds of documentation to be provided;
  1. Before the employee starts incorporating with the company, they should be provided an offer letter that mentions the job role, leaves, timing, office policies, benefits, allowances, etc. 
  2. The new employee should also be provided with legal, tax, and compliance-related paperwork.
  3. Setting up the payroll for the newly hired employee.
  4. Documents or resources for health and other benefits should be compulsorily provided to the new employee.
  • Communication Preferences: Be it remote or normal onboarding, setting up the organization mail account, group communication tool, and virtual interaction setups are mandatory. The team can also set up a virtual conference to inform other employees about the processes and interactions.
  • Orientation: Orientation creates excitement and thrill in the employees’ minds. However, remote working can create confusion and dilemma with the process therefore, it is important to maintain seamless activities by following simple processes;
  1. Provide newly hired employees with a mentor to guide them and clear the confusion and dilemma.
  2. Interactions on Virtual setups to meet and greet with the team and other employees of the company.
  3. Setups for training to help the new employee know about the goals and vision along with the work details.
  • Handling Responsibilities: Lastly, the most important aspect is to hand over the new employee’s responsibilities. Altogether, setting up the new employee’s goals, priorities, and expectations.

Checklist for Remote Employees Hiring

With the ease-up process for Remote Employees Hiring, let us dive into the checklist to simplify and enhance the process of remote hiring;

  1. Providing a Heartly welcome from the organization.
  2. Face-to-face virtual interactions with the team about the company’s values and attitudes.
  3. Giving an idea about the marketplace and the competitors of the company.
  4. Helping to learn about the security obligations and legal procedures.
  5. Proper training about the company’s products and services with the market demands.
  6. Following up with the employee daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Simple Ways to Onboard Remote Employees

Digital Onboarding can be simplified and amplified with a number of practices and effective tips. Here you will be acknowledged in such simple ways that can help you to streamline and ease up the remote onboarding process;

Remote Onboarding Best practices

Best practices that can be inherited to enhance the onboarding of remote employees are;

  1. Setting up a hiring plan: Remote hiring takes time compared to normal onboarding therefore making a plan and sticking to it can help with easy and quick onboarding processes.
  2. Assigning with small tasks: While the new employee is on their probation period, they can be assigned smaller tasks or projects to clearly understand the speed, effectiveness, and performance of the employee.
  3. Onboard in a group: Hiring a group of people can be easy and mitigate the lengthy processes. Additionally, it develops a community among the new employees.
  4. Looking into Feedback: Feedback from the new hires can be the easiest way to fill up the voids created in the remote onboarding process.
  5. Building an extent for connections: A personal space to connect with new employees can help build connections and relationships within the company.

Effective Tips for Remote Onboarding

Some effective tips to improve the remote employee onboarding practices;

  • Taking an active approach towards the employee to help and mitigate any doubt they may have.
  • Introducing the right technological aspect from the business perspective to digitize the processes for the remote employee.
  • Personalizing the onboarding process based on the newly hired employee aspects.
  • Setting up better employee engagement programs for the new employees.

Saas solution for hiring and onboarding international employees

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