How can Challenges during Homework

Most kids have trouble with homework from time to time, but some have more trouble than others. Understanding the challenges your child faces can keep them from arguing over homework. Before starting, let us have a look at

Challenge: Study Effectively

Developing good study skills can be challenging. Most kids need to be taught how to study effectively, or their efforts may not pay off.

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How You Can Help: Children need to figure out what works best for them based on how they learn. You can start working on acquiring good study habits as early as elementary school.

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Learning study strategies can reduce your child’s stress and improve their grades. Keep in mind that your child will have more study to do in middle school and high school, and you will need to decide how much you will supervise or be involved in her homework.

Read other tips to help teens develop good study habits.

Challenge: Remember the information

Some kids study for hours but have a hard time retaining the information. When it comes time for the test, it might seem like they haven’t studied.

These challenges can be caused by problems with working memory. It can also be due to inattention: they can’t tune out things that aren’t important. Read an expert’s explanation of why some kids can’t remember what they’ve studied.

How you can help: Make sure your child studies using a format that helps them remember. For example, some have difficulty processing and understanding verbal or written information and are better at remembering visual information such as maps and graphs.

So it can benefit to present information in a way that engages multiple senses. Discover multisensory techniques that you can use at home. You can also learn about working memory boosters and “memory muscle” exercises.

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Challenge: Learn independently

It’s important for kids to know how to ask for help when they need it, but they also need to learn how to be independent learners. Eventually, your son will have to do his homework without your help.

How you can help: Even if you’re not helping with homework, it’s a good idea to confirm that your child is doing it. Help him set realistic goals and encourage him to “think out loud.” Try using a contract for the task. Learn about other ways to help elementary students and tweens and teens become more independent learners.

Helping your child overcome homework-related challenges can be tricky. But in the end, you can help him become a more independent and confident student.

Task challenges sometimes persist, despite your best efforts. In that case, consider asking for help. Look for signs that your child is getting too much homework, and learn how to discuss your child’s concerns with the teacher. You can also learn about different tutoring options.

  • Eventually, the kids have to learn how to do homework on their own.
  • Look for homework strategies designed for your child’s specific challenges and strengths.
  • If homework continues to be a challenge, look for signs that it is too much or talk to the teacher.

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