How Colleges Use Wholesale Clothing To Sell School Spirit

Undoubtedly, colleges could make a lot of money from selling various clothing items, including t-shirts, joggers, and Bella + Canvas sweatshirts. College clothing isn’t just something current college students buy, but also kids who want to go there someday, high schoolers who consider it their dream school, parents of current college students, and alums. Let’s talk about some of the many occasions colleges can sell wholesale clothing to those who want to showcase school spirit. 

First-Year Orientation

First-year orientation at college is an excellent chance for incoming students to become more familiar with the school. They can meet staff, upper-level students, and fellow first-year students, learn about classes, and discover what they can look forward to once school starts. 

Many incoming first-year students can’t wait to attend this event, and they take the opportunity to pick up some school spirit gear. Having clothing specifically labeled for first-year orientation can be an excellent way for soon-to-be students to commemorate the event and have a new piece of clothing to wear to class, sleep in, or exercise. 

For school clothing that’s inspired by the first-year orientation event, have it near the front entrance of the bookstore, where many future students will likely see it as soon as they walk in.

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Homecoming is a huge deal, a significant tradition at many colleges, and fashion plays a considerable part in it. Typically taking place during autumn, it’s a chance for alums and current students to come together and usually watch a major live sporting event. In addition, it’s the perfect opportunity to network, enjoy various events around campus, and have fun with great people while watching a game.

It’s also an ideal event for colleges to sell Homecoming attire with the school’s name on it and the current year. The clothing should also have a design that’s just as appealing to college students and their parents as it is to alums excited to be part of the event.

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Alumni Events

Chances are there are several alumni-specific events throughout the year where colleges can cater to former students who want to buy new school spirit gear. 

Some alumni may not contribute financially to their beloved college, especially if they recently graduated and are newly out into the real world. Still, many can buy clothing with the school’s name on it, even if it’s just a t-shirt. There are several designs to consider, including the name of the event and year, the school’s motto, and the school’s name with “alumni” across the front. 

Family Weekend

Colleges typically host a family weekend in autumn, giving the families – especially the parents and guardians – a chance to explore the campus their child walks through every day. This weekend is also an opportunity for family members to buy various pieces of school clothing for themselves, and chances are, at least one or two for their favorite student. 

While some colleges might make bland “Family Weekend” decorated clothing, another option would be to create a unique design just for that year’s event. It could be especially appealing for schools with significant sports teams, as fans of the teams may be even more inspired to buy the limited edition apparel. 

Significant Club Events

Many clubs on campus have specific traditional events that happen once a year. For example, it can range from a sports event to a themed party. In addition, colleges can use this annual event to sell apparel to those who either participate in the event or who are going to watch it. 

Chances are many of the spectators will be alums who have previously participated in the event, parents or guardians of current participating students. Those who have a deep fondness for the club’s tradition may want to buy apparel honoring the memorable event.

Creating The Designs

The college school spirit clothing absolutely can’t be dull. Instead, it should feature designs people want to wear once the event is over and for years. While creating designs, colleges should consider each piece of apparel as a wearable souvenir. 

Many colleges likely have specific apparel designs that are constantly for sale and, in some cases, are available for years. However, when it comes to traditional annual events, they deserve unique designs. It can seem challenging to develop fresh ideas constantly, but it can be worth it if people are willing to spend the money on the apparel that features them. 

Collect ideas for new designs by emailing current students, their parents, and alums. Reaching out to multiple generations can provide different ideas of what they would buy – from the types of apparel to the design style – allowing colleges to appeal to potential future customers.

Bringing In Sales

Colleges know that those buying school spirit apparel usually buy at least one clothing piece. Customers might purchase everything from mugs to stickers to complete outfits, not only for themselves but for current students they know or for other family members or friends who wanted to attend a specific event but couldn’t make the trip. Drawing people in with great apparel designs also means bringing in money from selling additional items.

Considering colleges will probably advertise the events on their website and social media accounts, it’s perfect timing to announce the apparel sale and even offer it for sale online. Some current students and alums may not be able to attend the events, but wherever they are in the world, they can still spend their hard-earned money and buy clothing to help support the school. 

Colleges should keep track after every event of what apparel had the best sales, which designs were most impactful, and what advertising methods were successful. Doing so may help boost future clothing sales and bring in more money for the school.

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