How have older people chosen comfort over commotion by paying their electricity bills online?

The use of electronic wallets, or “e-wallets,” has increased significantly during the past few years. Due to consumers’ preference for secure and contactless ways of payment, the Covid-19 situation has also increased the adoption of digital payments. One of the most significant advantages of this method is that elders who find it difficult to go outside, stand in long queues and pay their NBPDCL electricity bills, or any other bills for that matter, can just pay them anytime from the comfort of their homes. Here are some examples of how Online electricity bill payment comforts older people.

Additional security

Carrying cash at all times can indeed be unsafe. Senior citizens are frequently the victims of minor thefts or robberies because of this. However, digital payments are far more secure than traditional cash transactions due to the need for adequate authentication and verification. OTPs and cross-verification are additional forms of security that banks and other online payment platforms offer for digital transactions, which can help stop fraudulent transactions.

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Utmost convenience

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No one finds waiting in long ATM lines to withdraw a small amount of cash very thrilling. However, most seniors often encounter this situation when they go out to pay their electricity bills. For the elderly, however, digital payments offer greater convenience because they make it simple to complete UPPCL electricity bill payments without being concerned about having enough cash.

Easy to use

As cashless platforms have been available for a while, the procedure has been simpler, especially for elders. Showrooms, shopping centers and even small businesses are already accepting digital payments. In addition, since customers can now make the NBPDCL electricity bill payments via their mobile banking applications or other digital wallets, the entire transaction procedure has also become more frictionless.

Varieties of payment options

Seniors now have a variety of alternatives for their preferred digital payment method, ranging from credit and debit cards to digital wallets, available on online payment platforms like MobiKwik. Thanks to this possibility, the elderly can now deal financially without worrying about running out of liquid cash. 

Offers, Cashbacks, and discounts

Banks and other financial institutions frequently offer their customers various offers and discounts to boost digital payments. These promotions are advantageous to seniors, who can also regularly receive cashback, prizes and discount coupons for cashless transactions. Additionally, several banks and e-wallets offer unique incentives and deals to their older consumers.

Can travel cashless

The days of having to bring a lot of cash on any out-of-town trip are long gone. Retailers throughout the nation are now taking digital payments after realizing the value of going cashless. Elderly people no longer have to worry about accessing an ATM or running out of money when traveling to and from other cities. They can pay their UPPCL electricity bills no matter where they are.

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Can track the spending

Keeping a consistent weekly or monthly budget is the first step toward financial independence. This is even more crucial for seniors who rely on their pensions and other life savings. Seniors who use digital payments can keep track of their total spending thanks to readily available bank statements and transaction information. 

Can attain budget discipline

Using multiple apps to monitor and analyze their transaction patterns and becoming cashless is one of the best methods for seniors to understand their spending habits better. They will be better able to organize their budget and comprehend their spending due to this. Achieving financial freedom also depends heavily on disciplined budgeting.

Can save time and money

Being cashless can help the elderly save significant time and money, which is one of its key advantages. Seniors can make payments more quickly, thanks to the various payment alternatives. In addition, seniors can save money by choosing digital platforms like MobiKwik that don’t charge transaction fees. This can prove advantageous for their total budget in addition to helping them save money.


The majority of us have adjusted to the new payment methods by now, but many elderly people have not yet fully embraced the idea of digital transactions. As we go closer to a cashless economy, it can become increasingly difficult for seniors who still favor the conventional manner of cash payment.

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