How Real Estate Farming Postcards Work and Why You Should Use Them

Have you ever gotten real estate postcards in the mail? If they were well done, you probably remember the realtor’s name, contact information, and what they looked like. Hopefully, it made you think that they were the go-to person for whatever real estate needs you might have. 

As a realtor, you know brand recognition is everything and postcards help you achieve that. 

Companies like Wise Pelican make it easy to send periodic real estate farming postcards to a small geographic area of people that will potentially become a client pool. 

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With Postcards, Variety is the Spice of Life

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The first thing to do is decide where your farm should be. First, learn everything you can about the area, what kinds of homes are there, and the types of people who live there and call it home. This information helps you tailor the postcards to catch everyone’s eye. 

Next, consider what types of postcards you’d like to send. Make sure to rotate between a few different designs to avoid being repetitive and boring. Some options include:

  • Just Listed postcards—these let people know you have a new listing in their area. Be sure to include the asking price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and assorted features. 
  • Open House postcards—this is more to keep people in the loop. Even if they don’t plan to list their home anytime soon, they may stop by anyway since you are in their neighborhood and say hello. You’ll form lasting connections this way.
  • Under Contract/Just Sold postcards—these keep neighbors up to date on each part of the process. Let them know your listing went under contract and then eventually what the home sold for. This also gives them an idea of what their home could potentially fetch. 
  • Market update postcards—these are more generalized updates instead of specific listings. They’re useful if you don’t currently have any active listings. Include valuable information such as the average listing price, number of homes on the market, and price per sq ft further.

Once you do the initial setup, the process can be automated, including shipping and tracking delivery.

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Real Estate Postcards Are Effective

With real estate farming postcards, you’re ensuring people associate you with market knowledge. Be sure to have your name, contact information, and a professional headshot on all postcards you send. People will notice your command of the real estate market and remember you when they want to sell or purchase another home.

The automated process saves you hours of time you’d normally spend going door to door. The initial work pays off in the long term, so it’s well worth your while to put in the time designing your postcards (whether you use already-created templates or design your own) and setting up shipping information. After you do this, the postcards will be mailed for you, and you can make sure they arrive on time.

Marketing Yourself Couldn’t Be Easier 

You owe it to your business to send out real estate farming postcards. You’ll see tangible results in the form of new client relationships and the brand recognition you enjoy.

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