How Social Media Monitoring Improves Customer Service

Social media monitoring saves time. However, it also improves customer service. Here’s how tracking online social behavior will improve your target audience reach and provide them the help they need as fast as possible. 

How does social media monitoring work?

Social media monitoring involves paying attention to customers in “real time.” This means you can watch them interact on all your business fan pages and social profiles while it’s happening. Afterward, you can retrieve the data you collected during live interactions and use it for market research purposes. The information you receive from likes, comments, shares, replies and other engagement will guide you when building your customer service portals. 

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How Online Monitoring Helps Customers

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You can use social monitoring in addition to or in place of online help desks. It depends on your industry and your customer needs. When using social media, these are ways that monitoring online activity will help your customers. 

  1. It assists customers where they are. 

They have no need to sign up for separate help desk, knowledge base, technical support or other separate access. If they already have social media accounts, you can invite them to ask their questions right where they are. Some people might even log into help sections of your websites from their social media accounts.

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  1. People get FAQ answers fast. 

If you monitor your social networks in real time, you can immediately respond. This gives them the answers to frequently asked questions without requiring delayed email support. Your customers will appreciate response times of only a few hours instead of a few days.

  1. Feedback exchange becomes instant. 

Perhaps you want to find out right now instead of tomorrow how a customer feels about your service. You can post regular messages welcoming them to provide feedback right on social media. If they don’t feel like filling out surveys, they’ll speak their minds on your SM posts in their comments. 

  1. You instantly see their suggestions. 

 Regular social monitoring helps you see customer suggestions in an instant. You also can collect voting data to determine priorities of feature requests they send you. As a result, you can upgrade your products and services fast enough to keep them. 

  1. It enables customized solutions. 

 This works along with the ability to see customer’s suggestions, which usually comes in the form of feature requests. Seeing what your target audience wants improves opportunities to create solutions more people need. 

  1. You reach multiple people in less time.

You could connect social media monitoring tools to automated replies. This provides an additional way to reach people who ask common questions. You also can create automated marketing campaigns based on their behaviors. Deployment could happen when they ask for recommendations, and you don’t need to respond one by one. It saves time. 

  1. It builds trust with them. 

Timely communication improves ability to form trusting relationships between you and your customers. Of all the reasons to use social media monitoring, this is probably the most important. They will rely on you to respond to their needs, and online social monitoring speeds up your response rates. 

Increase Your ROI With NetBase Quid

Social media monitoring, data collections, natural language process, and numerous other tools will increase your ROI. Never waste time and money again when setting up your marketing campaigns. 

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