How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Many wonder how to become an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon today is one of the largest e-commerces in the world.

She currently has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

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Through this program, you can become an Amazon affiliate and earn commissions through your sales.

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But, there are some important features that must be taken into account.

In the next few lines I will show you the steps on how to become an Amazon affiliate and earn money online.

Who can become an Amazon affiliate?

All.  Joining Amazon Associates is free.

As the site itself specifies, the program helps “content creators, editors and bloggers monetize their sites.”

If you already create content, joining the program can make a difference in your monthly income.

That’s because the program allows you to receive commissions of up to 15%.

It is simple to register.  Just access the website

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate — Step by Step

The first step to follow is to access the website indicated above (Associados Amazon).

Afterwards, you will need to register.

After making your application, it will be reviewed.

If all requirements are met correctly, you can start recommending Amazon products.

However, to qualify for this program, you must have: a qualifying website, social network, or app.

In other words, you don’t need to meet all three criteria.

Meeting one of these requirements is enough to qualify.

It’s important to promote products that relate to your audience.

Below in this article I will discuss one of the strategies used by professional affiliates that can generate you a good extra income.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to start earning money from your commissions.

However, you start receiving commissions from the moment you generate traffic to your affiliate links.

Sales commissions vary according to the category of each product, and can reach up to 15%.

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Commissions — How Much Can You Earn?

 Below is a list of commissions by category.

  •  Clothing, footwear and accessories: 15%;
  •  Sports, adventure and leisure: 15%;
  •  Beauty and personal care: 15%;
  •  Baby items: 15%;
  •  Food and beverages: 15%;
  •  Pet Products: 15%;
  •  Digital Books and Amazon Devices: 10%;
  •  Electronics: 9%;
  •  Stationery and office: 9%;
  •  Garden decoration: 9%;
  •  House and cleaning: 9%;
  •  Tools and construction: 9%;
  •  Automotive: 9%;
  •  Video Game, Music and DVD: 9%;
  •  Other categories: 8%.

Strategies for Selling Over the Internet

Using digital marketing strategies can be very profitable.

However, the program has some guidelines to be respected.

One of them is that you cannot use the purchase of keywords on Google Ads.

If this is not fulfilled, you may lose your subscription.

Amazon Associates focuses on expanding your sales through content creators — that is, organically.

With this in mind, you can use social media to promote products.


Through blogs, using SEO strategies, you can create articles about the products you promote.

This is a widely used strategy, however, it requires time to reap the first results.

Instagram profile

With an Instagram profile, you can occasionally try to fit (and advertise) products that suit your audience.

For example, are you a blogger who talks about makeup?  Why not try to advertise products you’ve tried and liked?

Or, do you like to read books?  Why not do a summary or analysis of a book you’ve read and publicize it?

These are ways to sell your products without looking like a salesperson.

It will sound more like a friend referral to your followers.

YouTube channel

Through YouTube, you can do unboxing, video review, among many other ways to promote your links.

With the same logic as Instagram, referring products through your videos can be a profitable way to be an affiliate.

All of the aforementioned strategies require time and dedication.

So, don’t be discouraged if the result takes a long time to appear.

The key is to maintain consistency.

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