How to create Storylines for Business Presentations?

Storytelling has been used for centuries to help people comprehend various objects, events, and concepts, and has been handed down from generation to generation. According to research, humans are built to listen to stories, so it’s no surprise that it’s employed in every culture.

Some of the advantages of storytelling include relatability, attention-grabbing, evoking emotion, being more convincing than traditional information delivery, building anticipation, and, of course, being memorable.

Regardless of your message or concept, storytelling methods can help you make your argument more effective. In this blog, we will talk about the art of storytelling with respect to presentations. In specific, we will go into detail about how action titles are one of the important aspects of your slide design to help weave your entire presentation together.  Let us read here about how to get the best fake id.

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What are Action Titles, and Why Are They So Important?

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A slide presentation’s action title is a heading that describes the content of the slide by forming a full phrase. Within a presentation, action titles must construct your storyline.

The crucial aspect to remember is that your presentations should have a plot, and the Action Titles are what bring that story to life. The fundamental notion is that simply by reading these Action Titles, you will be able to comprehend all of the presentation’s main contents. So, why is this even required?

Try to imagine ourselves in the shoes of a C-level executive. Assume you are a CEO, CFO, business unit head, or other senior executives in a corporation.

These C-level executives get multiple presentations, sometimes as large as 50 pages or 100 slides (project updates, progress reports, deliverables), on a daily and weekly basis.

This is too much information to read. People like them

cannot simply read every single slide. So they try to make a sense of any presentation by merely glancing through the action titles as action titles form the presentation’s narrative. 

The idea is, of course, that if they read anything in the Action Title that piques their curiosity and makes them want to learn more, they will stop and read the slide. 

Strong Action Titles should encapsulate the information of a slide clearly and straightforwardly.

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Tips To Come Up With Amazing Action Titles

  1. Try to avoid writing general truths

Suppose you start with an action title like this – Minimizing risk is vital to the success of any business project.

Avoid comments like this, which are almost always accurate. So, of course, risk management is critical to the success of any project, right?

That would be applicable to practically any project. So, instead of writing obvious things, attempt to elicit more specific situation-related Action titles. 

  1. Include numbers in the Action Titles

Try to quantify the Action Titles wherever feasible. So, if you create a presentation regarding a company’s profit, you should always be ready to back up a number.

So, how much profit is increased?

What is the profit potential that you see in the company?

Be careful to quantify action titles whenever possible. 

  1. Should Focus on the Result, not Process

Suppose your action title looks like this – By conducting so any data analysis and monitoring the previous statistics, we got a good knowledge about this business.

So this would be an action title with a strong emphasis on the process. So, what did you do?

You learned a lot through analyzing data and conducting interviews. This is not always the case. People don’t care who you talk to or what analysis you perform.

The outcomes are what people are interested in. This is a fundamental concept of top-down communication.

  1. Make Sure that your action titles are concise

The last example of action title is – The results suggest a considerable potential to investigate further performance improvement approaches with the goal of raising profitability by 50 percent by the end of this fiscal year for the organization.

The point we intend to express here is that Action Titles should be written concisely. Use fewer words than required. Yes, there will typically be a whole sentence, but don’t write only for the sake of writing. The idea is that you should not have more than two lines in the title. So two lines are OK, but no more than two.

Wrapping It Up

Your slide deck’s goal is to persuade your audience and guide them to a decision. Your slide presentation should have a clear and engaging storyline to accomplish this. Browse through an exclusive collection of Google Slides Templates to help you make persuasive business presentations.

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