How To Get Verified On Instagram: Essential Steps To Follow

Are you trying to find a way to stand out amongst the crowd operating on Instagram? If so, how do you think you’re doing on that front? 

Not so good, we suppose? 

Well, don’t worry. It’s not exactly easy to become famous on Instagram all of a sudden. After all, you’re competing against more than one billion people altogether. Hence, there’s a decent chance someone with your brand’s name (or yours) has an account on the platform? 

So, how are you going to make people notice you? 

Short answer – by getting verified on Instagram. It will let everyone know that you’re legit and, therefore, can offer value to a specific audience segment.

Now, you may ask, “How to get IG verification?”

Well, the procedure isn’t really easy at all – and, if it were, it’d lose its core meaning. 

Keep reading to find out more about it. 

Who Can Apply For Instagram Verification?

Anyone! Well… kind of. 

As long as you have – 

  • A public account,
  • A well-distinguished profile photo,
  • More than one post, and
  • Well-written bio,

… you can apply for the Instagram verification procedure. 

However, according to the parent platform, Facebook, your account also has to be authentic, unique, complete, and notable. The overall follower count of your profile won’t matter at all. 

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Getting Verified On Instagram – A Guide To Success 

Do you want to try your luck on getting verified on Instagram? Well, in that case, make sure to follow these steps accordingly. 

Step – 1: Log In To Your Account 

First things first – log into your account and tap on the “settings” option. Now, you can find an option called “request verification” at the end. Make sure to click on it, and you will be redirected to an application page. 

Step – 2: Fill The Form 

Now, you will need to fill-up the form. Here’s what you may have to work on in this aspect – 

  • Name (it’ll be used for official identification, so provide your full name).
  • Category (opt for brand/business if you’re working on a business account).
  • Known as (if it’s a personal account, make sure to add your alias as well). 

Step: 3 – Upload Your Photo 

Are you done with filling up the form? If so, make sure to upload a high-quality photocopy of yourself. Choose the image from your device, upload the same, and send your application to the Instagram authority. 

Once you have completed all these steps, you will need to wait for a little before you can get a reply. Remember, there’s no guarantee that Instagram will respond to you. However, if your application gets rejected, it won’t be possible for you to apply again for 30 days. 

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How To Apply For Instagram Verification?

Unless you’re the glamorous Anne Hathaway, you’ll have to work hard before you can moonwalk your way to getting a verified account. Nonetheless, to make your job easier, we have offered some suggestions in this section. Let’s go through them together. 

Establish Your Account Before Applying 

Do not apply for Instagram verification just because you have around 100 followers and a few posts of your own. Before taking a step in that direction, you’ll need to focus on some specific subjects. These are – writing an exciting bio, expanding your profile’s devotees, and using a professional image of your own. 

Build Your Online Presence 

Becoming big on Instagram is definitely something to consider about. However, if you want to get your “blue tick” as soon as possible, you’ll need to build your overall online presence too. For instance, creating a dynasty on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok will be beneficial for you if Instagram decides to review your profile. 

Maximize Your Profile’s Potential 

Well, if you’re working in this aspect, you should obviously start by creating your bio. Nonetheless, your job doesn’t end there. Besides that, you will also have to – 

  • Use relevant hashtags. 
  • Upload at the right time. 
  • Stay active and open your app frequently. 

These three tasks don’t have anything to do with Instagram, at least not directly. Nevertheless, they can definitely increase your profile’s visibility and get more followers, likes, and comments, altogether. 

Get Verified Today! 

Getting verified on Instagram is, indeed, a tricky job. However, once you get it, make sure to hold it until the end by avoiding breaching the platform’s terms of use. Hopefully, it will all work out for you. 

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