How to have a post thousand shares on Facebook

Besides likes and comments, shares are also a factor in determining influence. So how to get huge shares for your posts? Let’s find out together!

Content that carries core values and is contextual

The first thing to build content is to choose the main audience to target. At each age, it is necessary to use a different style and use of words. For example, if you are targeting Gen Z, then you need to use youthful sentences. It can be comforting to use witty writing and Gen Z jargon.

In addition to the audience, the content of the post has a great influence. There are 2 ways to choose the content for your article. One is that the content is trending at the moment, it is easy to attract interaction and spread the community. Another way is to choose content that is always “hot” over the years so that it can be shared again each year.

Bringing up hot issues that need to be discussed is also a way to attract shares. One part is your ant, the other part offers hot facts for debate.

Those are two important factors in terms of content that you need to pay great attention to.

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Attractive title

A catchy, well-typed, and interesting title will get people’s attention. It can be an impressive quote or a question that hits the reader’s mind.

Surely there are many people who share an article without seeing the content. As long as they see the problem they are interested in, they can solve it for them. Surely that post will receive a share on the personal page.

Therefore, besides writing attractive content, the title must also be equally attractive. Impressive headlines with compelling content are a big plus but don’t forget the images.

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Streamlined and beautiful format

Not only in terms of content but also how to arrange and create an impression is also very important. The arrangement of the layout is beautiful, easy to see, and neat, it will attract attention.

Unique, fancy fonts and unique layouts

In addition, there are tools to help change the typeface to become more diverse. This is also a point that attracts readers about originality and novelty. The added icons will be colorful and have impressive accents for your article.

Post with pictures, videos, or some other multimedia

A post full of text will be very boring, inserting photos or videos is a way to attract. A video or a photo gives a better visual impression and text.

Many of you apply this way to attract readers and share. Place an article with additional photos or videos and a full-text article on the scale. Surely a video with more multimedia content will attract more shares.

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Posts with videos often attract large shares

We can download photos and videos and edit them to suit our posts. Compared to photos, videos attract more views and shares. You can download Facebook videos, cut and edit from many videos, create your own videos.

By the way, I also have a suggestion for those who have not found a tool to download videos like that. One of the tools to download videos simply and keep the original quality of the video is SnapSave

Facebook Video Download Tool – SnapSave is one of the most popular tools. The majority of users commented that this is an easy-to-use tool. On top of that, they get videos with the same quality as the original video. This makes it easy for them to edit their video without worrying about it being blurred.

You only need 3 simple steps to download videos with Download Facebook Video – SnapSave

  • Step 1: Access to Download Facebook Video through the link  
  • Step 2: Paste the link of the video you want to download into the data input box right under Download Facebook Video and click download.

Paste the video link into the data input box

  • Step 3: Select the video quality you want to download, click. Wait a few seconds to more than a minute to download Fb videos to your device.

You can easily choose the desired quality because SnapSave allows downloading Facebook videos up to 4k quality.

Choose an appropriate posting time

Choosing when to post is equally important. Depending on when you post, you will get more or less interaction.

According to a recent survey, there are statistics about the time receiving the most interactions. The posts that get the most engagement fall on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The time frame 6 am to 9 am and 8 pm and 10 pm is the time when people use Facebook the most.

Please choose the right time to post your article.

Re-share your post

Make your writing valuable over time.

Please share it with those who need it by putting this link in the comments. You can also share it with groups. You can also repeat it every year if it’s still valid.


A unique post with bold human values will always retain its value. However, in order to attract readers and make them stay, it also needs many factors.

The share button not only shows engagement but also speaks to the value of the article. A good, useful and meaningful article will be well received and shared by everyone.

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