How to pass your class 12 with flying colours?

If you want to pass your class 12th with flying colours, then it is essential for you to get serious. It is because of the simple reason that in class 12th you have to prove yourself to such an extent. You not only have to get a good percentile in the High School Examination but also have to prepare for your college admission. 

With the attention being already divided into segments, it is important for you to get some solutions which would reduce the burden on you. The solution is effectively provided by class 12 solutions books. 

Finding the best solution

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These solution books have been specifically developed by NCERT free solutions for helping out the students. They are exhaustive and comprehensive books which cover the whole syllabus. 

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They have been able to bring a huge amount of importance in the daily life of the students who are in huge amounts of trouble. In such a situation it is extremely important to understand what purpose and components this solution books are available to offer. 

Components of solution books

They are considered to be the perfect guide and help that every class 12th student needs. They are comprehensive enough to cover so many topics. The list of all the components of the solution book has been given in the following ways for helping out the students to make a choice. 

Solved solutions

It is important to mention that every kind of solver solution is a part of this book. These books cover almost every kind of subject like science and mathematics including Social Studies. They are effectively able to answer every single question given in the book. The solution has been exhaustively developed from the perspective of examination. 

It is essential because most of the students lose a lot of marks despite giving the correct answer in the answer sheet. It is because boards like CBSE focus a lot on step wise marking. They deduct the marks in case any step is missed out. It is one of the most important and essential perspectives of the solution. These solutions save a lot of time for the students and help them to get a stepwise summary of the answer. 

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Extra questions

Another most important advantage of the solution book is the availability of extra questions for the purposes of practice. These particular and extra questions have been developed in order to bring additional competitiveness in the students. These are the questions which either appeared in the previous examinations or are important from the examination point of view. 

It is considered to be one of the most important and essential components of this book. In this way an extra practice of the syllabus could be done. It is equally effective in bringing every kind of result. In such a situation all the extra questions have to be taken care of. This is one of the biggest benefits of this particular book. This is enough to expose the student to enough practice questions. 

Sample papers

These books are also able to add the component of sample papers in themselves. These sample papers are essential to give a clue about the pattern of examination that the students will have to appear in. This particular type of sample paper is very important so that the students can practice beforehand the time and accuracy. This will help in knowing what time the student takes to answer it and if it will be completed in the allotted time. It even provides the experience of a real time examination. 

In such a situation it is really essential to bring forward the maximum amount of capability. Practicing sample papers and the past year papers can be extremely helpful to the students during class 12. These solution books provide access to these kinds of sample papers. This is one of the biggest advantages of the book which should be taken into account by the student before purchasing this. 

Tips for examination

This book is one of the most important types of books that also gives tips for Examination to the students. These tips are essential for the students to keep themselves maintained during the examination. It also helps them to stay away from the examination kind of stress.

 In such a situation it is extremely important to mention the fact that all the examinations cause issues of tension to the students. These tips are enough to keep the students away from stress and motivate them to give the best in the exam. That is why NCERT class twelfth solution book is the best companion that every student in 12th must get for himself. This is the best kind of tip for the examination. 


In such a situation it has to be said that it is concluded that this is a very important perspective of every student. This is really essential for bringing the best result to the students. It is also able to motivate them to get good marks. Be a part of Infinity Learn and you can learn the best skills to get good marks in your exam. 

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