How to prepare for English without breaking a sweat?

English is one of the widest spoken languages in the world. It has been an effective way of communication across the globe. Initially, India wasn’t enticed towards the English language but later after the Britishers took over, Indians slowly got drawn towards this language. Schools in India slowly started to adopt English as a medium of teaching and today almost all the schools in India are English medium. English is one of those subjects in which you can score well and boost your overall grade. But scoring easy doesn’t mean you don’t require any preparations. You do have to put in little effort to score 80% or above. 

English teaching dynamics are changing day by day therefore it is necessary for students to get used to them and inculcate them in their lives. English as a subject can seem interesting and exciting but its exam preparation is equally boring. Good thing is that nowadays we have the resources to learn everything. Say you are a CBSE Grade 11 student, you can just google NCERT Class 11 English Book and get the pdf with no hassle whatsoever. Yeah, scoring in this subject is easy but it shouldn’t be taken lightly either. In this article, you will find a few ways in which you can prepare for your English exam with perfection. But before we dive into preparation, let us know more about English and the benefits of learning it. 

English is believed to be established by Britishers but that is actually a misconception. English originally originated from Northwest Germany. Later, Anglo Saxon Migrants brought English to Britain. Many poets and writers emerged during this era, a few of them being William Shakespeare, John Webster, Ben Johnson etc. The English we know today is totally different from the one spoken during the ancient era. A language, so old! There would definitely be some perks knowing it. Let us find out. 

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Benefits of knowing the English language 

  1. Better career opportunities

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English is undoubtedly a global language. Knowing this language opens up a door to several opportunities. It gives you a chance to work abroad and meet new people. 

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  1. Travel Friendly 

If you have an interest in travelling you must definitely know this language. It can help you communicate better and find out more about the place and people around you. 

  1. The opportunity of being a writer 

If you are one of those people who like to jot down their thoughts and feelings in English you have a good chance of being a writer. 

  1. Immigration Benefits 

If you are planning to move and settle abroad then knowing English is a must to answer all visa related questions and queries asked at embassies. 

  1. Helps in focus 

It is said that bilingual people focus better compared to people who speak only one language. 

Therefore learning in English is more beneficial than learning in your own mother tongue. 

  1. Gets you into good schools and colleges

English can make your application, be it for school or college, seem really powerful. Therefore, everything from letters of recommendation to job applications, all are written in English to deliver more impact. 

  1. Discover good movies and tv shows 

Some of the greatest or legendary movies are made in English. The majority of the web shows or movies platforms feature only English tv shows or movies. You can always watch the translated version or with subtitles but there’s always something “off” when the content is translated. You can enjoy watching movies and tv shows in their full glory if you watch them in English. 

So, these are a few benefits of knowing or learning the English language but the list of benefits is endless. Now let us find out a few tricks and tips to prepare for an English examination 

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the English examination. 

  1. Make a timetable 

To start preparation for any subject, not just English, you must create a timetable. You can note it down and stick to it for a systematic way of preparation. 

  1. Create summaries 

It is necessary to go through each chapter and make a detailed summary about them to help you remember better for essay type questions. 

  1. Note down anything important 

Be it literature or a poem, jot down important things like the colour of the sky or the attire of a man. This might not seem like a lot but when you mention small details like this in an answer, it gives it more profundity. 

  1. Go through basic grammar 

It is important to go through basic grammar before an exam so you don’t mess anything up during the rush of writing answers. 

  1. Make your own answer 

You must frame your own answer after reading a chapter to help you remember important points of an answer during the English exam. 

  1. Take help of study guides 

You can go through study guides or question banks to have a basic idea about how to frame an answer. 

  1. Make your own vocabulary 

It is advisable to make a list of words and their synonyms that you might use to write answers during the English exam. It will save you time that you waste thinking on which words to use in the answer. 

  1. Note down possible questions 

Framing your own questions and then writing answers on them will not only give you an idea about the types of questions that may appear in the exam but also help you remember the major events or points in the chapter. These questions may range from describing the surrounding, appearance of a character, event or character sketches of the main characters. 

  1. Stick to a particular study time 

It is very necessary to find out around which time your brain functions the best. For some people, it’s late at night and for some people, it’s early in the morning. Find out what time you like the best and stick to it. 

  1. Video lessons 

Video lessons are one of the best forms of learning, be it an explanation video by a teacher or an animated video depicting the chapter. It really puts your own imagination into perspective and helps you memorise better. 

These are all the ways you can use to prepare for an English exam. 


English is really a scoring subject but taking it lightly is going to do the opposite. Hence, one must follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to stay on top of the class. 

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