How to remember the concept of maths easily for class 9

Class 9th is the starting of the journey of life for every student. 

Every aspect of the subject changes from here.

Let’s say mathematics, it becomes a completely different syllabus as compared to class eight, so students have to strategize themselves to learn the concepts easily and quickly because of the new syllabus.

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It is not easy for any student to remember all the concepts especially in the case of maths when the chapters, the units are so different from the ones they studied in their previous class.

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In this situation, they need help from any reference books or examples or someone who can tell them about remembering the concepts easily.

Mathematics is a subject that demands practice from the students as much as possible. More the efforts, the more the practice, the better the result and the clearer the concepts.

For clearing their concepts they have to pick the right study material so that it can be easy for them to solve the questions, understand the concept, and remember the things.

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NCERT always comes first for any student whether it is class 9th or class 10th or their senior secondary level or preparing for any government exam or any competitive exam, NCERT should be the first preference for the candidates.

The students when they enter class 9th they get introduced to refreshers, reference books, answer keys, etc.

They have a broad number of options present in the market to choose from, for maths they have options like:

  • RD Sharma 
  • RS Aggarwal
  • Prachi books
  • Exam ideas, etc.

And many more books by a number of writers are present in the market.

All the books mentioned above are good enough to prepare for the mathematics annual exam but the best one is RS Aggarwal.

Why RS Aggarwal?

 Some of the key concepts discussed in chapters 3 RS aggarwal are as follows:

  • Exercise 3A or 3.1 consists of 34 solved questions based on concepts regarding Factorisation and Factor.
  • Exercise 3B or 3.2 consists of 40 solved questions focusing on the methods of Factorisation.
  • Exercise 3C or 3.3 consists of 66 solved questions that discuss the problems based on Factorisation by taking out the common factor. 
  • Exercise 3D or 3.4 consists of seven solved questions that discuss the problem of Factorisation of quadratic trinomials, Factorisation by grouping, and Factoring the difference of two squares.
  • Exercise 3E or 3.5 consists of ten solved questions which focus on the square of a trinomial.
  • Exercise 3F or 3.6 consists of 38 solved questions which deal with the idea – cube of a binomial concept.
  • Exercise 3G or 3.7consits of 25 solved questions that discuss the topic – Factorisation of a sum or difference of cubes.

No doubt any book can provide solutions for the questions and extra questions for practice, you must be wonderful at what’s so special in RS Aggarwal.

There are several benefits of this book written by RS Aggarwal, some of these can be mentioned are:

  • This book provides authentic and reliable solutions.
  • The solutions in this book are error-free.
  • This book enhances the knowledge of students by the HOTS (high order thinking skills) and value based questions that are given in the book.
  • All the important formulas are always mentioned in the starting of each chapter which makes it easy for the students to keep on mesmerising the formulas until they learn them.
  • The RS Aggarwal Solutions consists of the solved exercise questions in a comprehensive and understandable, and easy-to-read language for students to understand during preparation.
  • By solving the book by RS Aggarwal, students preparing for the exams develop an understanding towards the concepts.
  • The book provides a comprehensive summary about the concepts and all the formulas are mentioned in the starting of the chapter.

The language of the book is so straight and simple, no twisted words that a student is unable to understand.

  • students can easily adapt problem-solving abilities to intercept the problems through the exercise questions’ continual practice and holding a brief analysis of the solutions.

Preparation Tips for the students preparing for their annual exams:

Let us take an illustration that a student is preparing for chapter 3 of mathematics that is polynomials for his/her exam:

These are some of the tips that he/she can follow to remember the concepts and score good.

  • Students preparing for their annual examinations must thoroughly go through all the important definitions and knowledge on the basic concepts.
  • Students must understand the logic and reasoning behind the concepts enlisted in the RS Aggarwal Maths Class 9 Solutions Chapter 3 over blind memorisation of the numerical.
  • The most important way that will boost up the preparation or revision process is memorising all the essential formulas and concepts and writing them down in the best possible way to remember better.
  • Students must also account for all the formulas related to Factorisation of Polynomials and try to remember them all through written practice.
  • Students should start with easy guesses to prepare for the chapter polynomials.

Students should practice questions as much as they can. Not even a single concept should be left behind. Every single type of question should be practiced so that the student can make a good grip over the concept or that type of question.

Secondly, the students should practice sample papers and attempt last year’s papers to have a variety of questions practiced for the exam.

Also, one of the most important things is time management. The students should know how to manage the time and cover all the chapters so that they have enough time with them at the times of exams to mesmerize the concepts, questions, and formulas better.

To understand the concept better a student should solve all the examples given in the book. This will also help in remembering the concept easily and scoring good marks.

The basics should be clear cut. No place for doubts should be there for the basic concepts.

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