How to Stream Netflix Movies on Discord in 2022

Discord has gotten various improvements over the last year to make it a more popular communication platform rather than one geared toward gamers. Discord Stage Channels, the company’s Clubhouse-style feature that encourages open engagement, is a prime example of this. With the platform’s expanded general userbase, here’s how you can hold a Netflix streaming party on Discord. We’ll show you how to watch movies using Netflix login on Discord with audio without experiencing any blank screens.

Netflix Streaming on Discord

To begin, how do I stream Netflix on the Discord mobile apps? Allow me to state the obvious. Due to DRM restrictions, Netflix cannot be streamed on Discord’s mobile apps, including Android and iOS. However, on Discord mobile, you may effortlessly share your screen. Additionally, if Netflix isn’t quite what you’re searching for, you may have a Discord Spotify listening party. With that in mind, here’s how you can watch Netflix movies and television series with your Discord buddies.

  1. Download the Discord App

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If you’ve been using Discord via the web interface like me, you’ll first need to download the Discord app. The app is available for download through the company’s official website. After downloading the app, sign in using the QR code on the mobile app or your Discord login credentials.

  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration (HW Acceleration

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One of the most frequently encountered issues when customers attempt to stream Netflix on Discord is a dark screen. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to avoid the black screen when streaming on Discord or how to stream Netflix without the black screen, you’ve come to the right place. To be sure, we’ve got you covered.

If you wish to avoid seeing a black screen while watching Netflix on Discord, you should disable the hardware accelerator in your browser. We’ve given instructions for disabling hardware acceleration in three widely used browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. You can adapt the procedures to your preferred browser. If you’re using a browser not listed here, navigate its Settings and disable the hardware acceleration setting.

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Google Chrome: Disable Hardware Acceleration

  1. Open Chrome and select “Settings” from the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  2. From the left sidebar’s “Advanced” options, navigate to the “System” tab and disable the toggle labeled “Use hardware acceleration when available.” Chrome should be restarted after disabling the toggle.

Microsoft Edge: Disable Hardware Acceleration

  1. Open Edge and navigate to the “Settings” menu in the upper right corner by clicking on the horizontal three dots menu.
  2. From the left sidebar, navigate to the “System” page and disable the “Use hardware acceleration when available” toggle. Once complete, restart your browser to watch Netflix on Discord without encountering a blank screen.

Firefox: Disable Hardware Acceleration

  1. If you are using Firefox, select “Settings” from the hamburger menu (horizontal three lines) in the top right corner.
  2. Under the “General” menu, scroll down until you reach the “Performance” column. Here, you’ll notice a checkbox labeled “Use suggested performance settings.” Uncheck it, and another checkbox for deactivating hardware acceleration will appear. Additionally, deselect the “Use hardware acceleration when available” item.
  3. Watch Netflix and create a Discord server

After disabling hardware acceleration, you’re ready to stream Netflix to your Discord friends. To begin, follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch Netflix and keep a copy of your favorite Netflix film or TV series nearby. After that, minimize the tab and launch the Discord app.
  2. In the lower-left corner of the Discord app, select the “Settings” icon next to your username.
  3. From the Settings page, navigate to the “Activity Status” tab in the left sidebar and click the “Add it!” option beside “Not seeing your game?”
  4. You will now see a list of applications currently operating in the background. Select the Netflix browser window and click the “Add Game” option.
  5. Now, navigate to the server you wish to stream the film or television show and click on the “Stream” button above your login. Alternatively, you can join a voice channel, click the “Share screen” button in the bottom left corner, and select the browser that is currently streaming Netflix.
  6. Select the voice channel in which you’d like to broadcast the movie and its resolution. Without Discord Nitro, the image quality you can stream is 720p at 30 frames per second. A Discord Nitro membership is required to stream Netflix at 1080p/60fps.
  7. Once the channel and stream quality has been selected, click the “Go Live” button to begin the stream.
  8. That concludes the discussion. Server members can now join your Netflix watch party on Discord by clicking on the “Live” tag in the voice channel.
  9. To terminate the watch party, click the “End call” link in the left sidebar.

Though you now know how to stream Netflix on Discord without experiencing any difficulties, you must be wondering – Is it illegal to stream Netflix on Discord? And, indeed, the answers to those questions are affirmative. It is against the law to stream Netflix or any other streaming service, such as Disney Plus, Hulu, or Prime Video, for the benefit of Discord buddies.

Note that this method does not work on Safari for Mac, as you can no longer manually set hardware acceleration on or off in macOS Catalina. As a result, you will see a blank screen when you attempt to stream Netflix on Safari for Mac.

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