LMS- All You Need to Know

The world has gone into the era of technology, where humans have used their utilities enough to make their lives much easier and more comfortable from two to three decades before. It truly is commendable how far we have reached in just a span of 20 to 30 years. 

Every day, we are witnessing people utilizing various technological tools such as Mobile phones or devices and computers to expand their knowledge and keep themselves connected with every invention or development introduced in the world through the glorious achievements of officials worldwide. 

The growth has been so much that a fully-fledged pandemic could not even stop us from inventions; people have come out with tools and technologies associated with artificial intelligence to face the difficulty of the times. Since 2020, E-learning is rising, and the reason we are already well known to all as this is the only and the best alternative to the traditional practices that we used to have in the pre-pandemic era. 

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Its growth has been so enormous, not just because it is the only option we have but because students worldwide can now understand the benefits of this online management system. One of the most contributing factors behind the growth of the sector is LMS.

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What is LMS?

Let us look at the technical definition first. “LMS or Learning Management System is a package that is beneficial to students in accessing different learning content and educational resources to continue their endeavor.”

In a short and more summarizing way, it can be defined as a learning system that facilitates online teaching sites in India and access to technologies and methodologies not restricted to their own territory but from across the world. 

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It enables a student to learn from any place of their choice, which in turn means that people who can’t afford much time and money go, visit, stay and learn. Through the traditional institutes, they can access the course they desire at their home or place they are comfortable with. 

Benefits of LMS

There are many benefits as such, but here we are mentioning a few. 

  • Enables resources or content to be uploaded and rescued online. 
  • Curriculum-based strategic education is favored. 
  • Enables students of the power to track their progress with the introduction to the up-to-date calendar of tests and assignments. 
  • Personalized learning and location unspecific learning are promoted. 
  • It benefits companies or organizations to track employee development, thus helping enrich corporate as well. 

Additional to all these beneficiaries, as mentioned above, it can also reduce the cost and increase the overall productivity of various industries, whether it is education or corporate. 

The education system enables the students and subject matter experts or educators, or teachers from all walks of life to build in for a brighter future. 

Types of LMS

There are basically three types of LMS operating 

  • Proprietary 

This is one of the types which is being phased out slowly as it is just based on computer-based training systems and is not the one that facilitates users of easy import and export of coursework or curriculum in-charge. 

  • Standard-based

This one is the most popular in modern times. It allows or enables professional, easy distribution of content and incorporates many technologies to help the sector grow. 

  • Open Architecture

It enables easy sharing of resources or content between different LMS. However, this one is not popular because of its lengthy or bulky setup and its design process. 

Features of LMS

LMS can do many things like creating Waiting lists or class rosters, facilitating the easy process of registration, and introducing a web interface that can be used for communication between students and teachers or between professionals of various big corporate. 

With all the above things, it also is capable of setting up a sober and straightforward way of conducting assessments and tests held for evaluation. 

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