Marketing Tactics that Agencies Can Pitch to Clients

The COVID-19 epidemic, a worldwide health disaster, has had massive effects across the world. Due to the loss of jobs, both people and companies are being pushed to make quick changes to remain alive.

As a result, entrepreneurs and advertising are being impacted severely. To stay relevant & sensitive during this epidemic, brands are treading carefully. However, some companies have decided to spend their money on strategic advertising for a good cause.

Here are some intelligent marketing tactics that agencies can pitch to clients.

  1. Present an attractive value offer

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You must be sure to clearly explain your experience in outward and inward marketing and how those alternative methods will satisfy the business organization’s unique strategic requirements. Please provide samples of how such approaches will work together through channels to enhance the customer’s brand awareness and accomplish their overall objectives whenever possible.

  1. Provide Appropriate Data And Metrics

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Many things attract attention, and unique facts and statistics support your arguments, so make sure to include them. Include interesting industry statistics that connect and images of data that show essential outcomes such as click-throughs, improvements in the quality and supply, revenues, & sales conversions. Marketing is becoming more data-driven nowadays. If you are promoting some exciting offers to your customers, provide the related documents with your products.

  1. Share Content with The Customers

Based on the packages provided by any social agency, one must spend a significant amount of time collaborating with the customers on what they do and do not publish to social platforms. With all these two methods, you can keep on top of the content schedule.

  • Purchase Pre-Approved Content

When developing a content calendar, unless you can take a seat with your customers and discover a cache of authorized creative projects, you may search for chances to reuse that material. This material may be stored in a Resource Library for easy access to relevant images.

  • Allow Clients to Use Your Social tools for Approval

When you’re utilizing a social media platform, the possibilities are you can add your client influencers to the account and include them in your content creation process.

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  1. “Show”- Don’t Tell Your Tools

Explain the technologies you intend to use to effectively monitor, optimize, and inform the customer’s programmes & activities. Your decision allows for digital marketing & prepares the pumps for future promotions. Having the measuring tools that marketing automation systems offer allows you to portray your firm as technically competent. It demonstrates your ability to set up, monitor, report on, and improve on the metrics that are important to your existing and prospective customers, as well as their senior managers. Whenever you appear good in their eyes, they seem reasonable in the eyes of their employers, & everybody wins.

  1. Create A Road Plan To Success

Make it clear that you understand where your potential client organization wants to go. And you have a strategy to assist them in getting that far. Then, extend it beyond possible into the future when you can establish a 5-year (or longer) plan that makes it crystal obvious what you’ll do for your customers & when you will achieve it, you will have a greater chance of retaining them faithful within the long run.

  1. Co-marketing With Other Businesses Or Agencies

If you have already invested in some big business or firm, it may be a fantastic chance to collaborate on content in which both companies can push for the mutual benefit reach boost.


Customers are spending 45% more time on the internet and are looking for timely and practical information. As a result, more customers utilize internet platforms to buy necessary and entertainment items instead of stepping outdoors. During this challenging period in society, brands must remain flexible to maximize their marketing techniques. For easy and comfortable business accounting with your clients, use the best small business accounting software.

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