Mattress Diaries: 5 Common Types Of Mattresses And Its Advantages 

With the progressing society, every type of bed has been continually refined to satisfy more people. That is why it has also left a lot of homeowners confused about which types of beds to get. It can be exciting at first, but it can be challenging if you are relatively new in bed shopping.

The best thing you can do is to learn about the different mattress types. Knowing about them can help you compare the beds with each other. This way, it will be easier for you to rule out your options and decide what to get. Here is a list of common types of beds you can look into.

Innerspring Mattress

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The innerspring mattress was first founded a century ago. It has existed for a long time that the bed is probably the most well-known type of mattress. It has been continually improving to provide support and comfort to its sleepers. 

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Moreover, the innerspring has three parts: foundation, core, and comfort layer. The foundation is in the bottom part and is usually made out of wool. It provides the structure of the mattress and supports the coils at the core. The core is the house of coils and springs, the primary parts of the bed. Meanwhile, the comfort layer is a topped upholstery for additional comfort for sleepers.

With its core, the innerspring mattress offers a springy and bouncy feeling to the sleepers. It is also a firmer type of bed that can provide adequate support throughout the night. Also, innerspring is one of the coolest types of bed because of the space between coils that regulates air very well.

Memory Foam Mattress

When deciding on the best mattresses, it is better that you know your options. It will also prevent you from purchasing a mattress that is not for you. Decide on your options and selections. For a softer option, memory foam is better than innerspring mattresses. 

The memory foam is composed of viscoelastic polyurethane that absorbs pressure very well. When sleeping on it, the foam changes shape to mold your body shape. This mechanism is the foam’s response to heat and pressure. It will then return to its original form when you move.

Due to its constitution, the memory foam lets you sink and contours your body. This attribute also helps in preventing motion transfer. So when you sleep with a partner, you will not feel their movements when they change position. As a result, it improves sleep quality. Moreover, there are other types of memory foam that you can explore to determine which kind will make you feel most comfortable.

Traditional Memory Foam 

Memory foam has existed for a couple of decades now, and manufacturing has changed a little from when it was first developed. So, the traditional type of this mattress is more affordable compared to other types. 

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Traditional memory foams help in reducing pressure points and also excellently molds your body curves. It is also very durable, which makes this mattress more efficient. However, it tends to trap heat and may affect the sleeping experience of most sleepers.

Gel Memory Foam 

On the other hand, gel memory foams are infused with gel beads that cool the sleepers’ bodies when sleeping on this mattress. The beads help regulate the body heat of the sleeper and keep them cool throughout the night. For colder nights, the gel-infused memory foam also releases heat to add warmth.

Open-Cell Memory Foam 

The open-cell memory foam has similar qualities to the traditional memory foam. It has tiny cells that allow the air to flow through it. Compared to the traditional ones, this type of memory foam is a bit cooler. With new technologies, manufacturers improved open-cell memory foams to enhance their support for more supportive sleep.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is also a considerable option because of the support it can provide. It also gives comfort and helps relieve pain. Its excellent comfort and support prevents pain and reduces the likelihood of waking up with lower back pain. Moreover, the latex mattresses are highly durable that can continually offer comfort for 10-12 years. However, longevity also depends on the type of latex mattress you will purchase.

There are latex mattresses that are made from the natural sap of a rubber tree and synthetic ones. The synthetic mattress is made from petrochemicals that imitate the qualities of rubber. However, it is more affordable compared to natural latex. 

Conversely, natural latex mattresses have the qualities of natural rubber, making this type safer and more hypoallergenic than synthetic ones. When shopping for a latex bed, you can ask for the percentage of natural latex a mattress has.

Hybrid Mattress

This bed is usually a mixture of two types of mattress, mostly a combination of an innerspring mattress and a memory foam bed. There are also hybrid beds that are merged with latex mattresses and gel foam beds. Homeowners enjoy the benefits of this mattress because it can provide both the support of the innerspring and the comfort of memory foam. Also, you will get to enjoy the springiness of a bed without having to worry about the motion transfers.


Now that you have learned about the different types of mattresses, you can finally determine which bed will be the right one for you. Though the qualities and materials differ, it does not necessarily mean that a type is superior. Keep in mind that comfort is different for everyone. That is why choose a mattress that you feel is most suited for you and gives you the most optimum comfort. 

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